What are the Best Sobriety Apps for Android?

What are the best sobriety applications for Android users? We have a great list so you can stop scrolling the app store and start focusing on recovery.

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Stop doomscrolling and start using your smartphone for recovery.

Nowadays, most of us rely on our phones to stay connected—to touch base with friends, to keep abreast of news, and to entertain ourselves. So it’s not surprising that for many in recovery, our smartphone is also a lifeline that connects us to sobriety resources. Trying to find those resources on your own can be a little overwhelming, though! Typing “sobriety app” into your app store brings up literally hundreds of results. Which ones are worth your time? 

Don’t worry! We’ve narrowed down the list to five highly-rated apps that really help! Here are our picks for the best sobriety apps for Android phones:

Sober Grid

Sober Grid claims to be “the world’s most popular mobile sober community,” and we believe them! This app includes some common features: they have a sobriety counter to keep track of your time in recovery, and they assign tasks (they call them quests) to help you stay on course for your goals. But the real selling point is the social network of sober people. Like other social media apps, you and your friends can share posts, send messages, and show off photos. But unlike all of those other social media networks, this one is populated by people sharing your journey of recovery! Use the GPS feature to locate other sober folks nearby, or connect with friends around the world. 

App cost: Free! If you opt in for the Recovery Coaching that the app offers, that will be $99/month.    

Nomo Sobriety Clocks 

Nomo stays focused on what they do best—time tracking. This app offers multiple counters, so you can track all of the habits you’re trying to reduce or eliminate. You can customize your sobriety clock’s appearance, and also set it to track things like the money, calories, or hours you’ve saved in the time you’ve been sober. Another fun feature is the Refocus tab, which offers easy and engaging activities to distract and refocus your mind when it is spiraling. 

App cost: Free! Nomo partners with other businesses and organizations, so while the app is free, advanced features like audiobooks and counseling are accessed through for-profit businesses.

Workit Health

Yes, it’s us! The Workit Health app is a portal to online counseling, interactive courses and exercises, and telemedicine clinicians. Many people with addictions struggle to find the help they need, so we bring that help right to you! Workit offers online therapy to help you overcome a wide range of substances and behaviors. Medication-assisted treatment is also available for opioids or alcohol in California, Michigan, New Jersey, Washington, and Alaska. This is more than just an app—it’s the personal, caring help you need. 

App cost: Free! Treatment costs vary based on coverage and many types of insurance are accepted, so get a cost for care upon signup.

I Am Sober

I Am Sober combines robust sobriety tracking with the chance to connect with communities in recovery. They offer an extensive list of community topics, so you can find folks whose addictions mirror your own. The app will nudge you to complete morning pledges and nightly reviews to stay on track. There is also a Motivation tab that offers messages of affirmation and support. 

App cost: Free! Unlock premium features for a subscription cost of $27 for 6 months.

Sober Tool

Sober Tool offers sobriety trackers with rewards for reaching goals. But the thing that sets this app apart is its collection of stories, tips, and messages. You can even use a search feature to find messages that are relevant to your current mood or situation. That can be huge when you’re feeling alone in your struggle! The interface is the least visually appealing on this list, but the support that this tool offers is valuable.

App cost: Free! Upgrade for $3.99 per month to eliminate ads.

Bonus! Amazing Meditation Apps:

These next two apps are not targeted at people in sobriety. But we believe that meditation is so valuable in recovery that we wanted to give them a shout out anyway!

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app with tons of free meditations—70,000 of them. You can filter the list by length, topic, type of voice, or benefit that you’re seeking. With all those options, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs! If you prefer self-guided meditation, there is a nifty customizable timer for that.   

App cost: Free! Upgrade to Premium to unlock educational/coaching courses for $59.99/year. 


Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app that regularly ranks on “Best Of” lists. More than a library of meditations, this app teaches you how to meditate and improve your mindfulness. They include guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and a Move Mode for physical fitness. It’s all tied together with a quirky animation style and a passion for improving your well-being. 

App cost: 10-day free trial, followed by paid subscription of $12.99/month billed monthly, or $69.99/year billed annually.

Today’s smartphones are basically tiny computers that we carry around in our pockets, granting us access to a world of information. So it makes good sense to leverage all of that power for our sobriety goals! The apps above are our picks for the best sobriety apps for Android phones, but if you have an iPhone, don’t worry. Visit the website linked for each app to find the download link for Mac products, too!


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