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Medication-assisted treatment covered by Aetna​

Recover from addiction at home with medication and online support from Workit Health the leader in virtual addiction care—covered by Aetna.

FDA-approved medication​

Reduce cravings and balance your brain chemistry with medication prescribed to your local pharmacy.
Our clinicians also treat other issues to help you feel best in recovery.

Community connection

Build relationships with other people on similar paths through Shared Medical Appointments, online recovery groups, virtual events with experts and advocates, and a members-only community forum.

Caring support from experts

Nonjudgmental support to help you stay on track toward your recovery goals. Skills-based courses help you create lasting change.

Addiction is isolating,
but you’re not alone

1 in 5 Americans struggle with substance use, but only a small fraction of those people receive treatment. Workit Health has partnered with Aetna to break through the barriers between you and the care you need. We believe that addiction treatment should be accessible, effective, nonjudgmental, and person-centered.

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Aetna covers Workit Health in many states

Exceptional clinical treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorder, covered by Aetna.

Aetna covers Workit Health’s clinical programs for opioid and alcohol use disorders. Please verify your coverage. 

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