Workit Health for Aetna Members

Quit alcohol, drugs, smoking, or other addictions with online therapy in the Aetna network.

Medication-assisted treatment available in certain states and digital support available nationwide.


Quit alcohol, drugs, or other additions with online therapy and medication.

Trusted by health care professionals


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Workit Health accepts Aetna commercial (and some Aetna Medicare and Medicaid plans) for its 100% virtual* addiction treatment program in Michigan, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, and California.

We offer medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction and are covered by most Aetna plans. For those who don’t need medication but are struggling with gambling, sex, disordered eating, drugs, or smoking, Workit Health’s online therapy program is available.

*The state of Ohio requires a single in-person appointment to begin medication-assisted treatment for opioids.

Sex addiction is defined by compulsive behavior continued despite negative consequences. At Workit Health, we offer 1:1 virtual counseling to help you treat sex and porn addiction.

In certain states, our sex addiction program is covered by many Aetna plans. Check your coverage online in less than 5 minutes.

In Washington, Alaska, New Jersey, Michigan, and California, many Aetna plans cover Workit Health’s online therapy program. This includes 1:1 weekly counseling with a licensed clinician and a recovery curriculum to help you meet your goals.

Workit Health makes the most effective substance use disorder treatments available from the privacy of home via technology. Just like a traditional rehab, you can talk with your care team, join online recovery groups, and see a clinician via video chat to prescribe medication when needed.