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Discreet and effective recovery that’s tailored to you for opioid or alcohol addiction.

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Feel like yourself again with medication and recovery support.

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Modern, personalized alcohol treatment from the comfort of home.

Medication for opioid and alcohol addiction

Find a community that feels right

The benefits of shared experience

Connect with other members, your medical provider, and our behavioral health team—all in a single follow-up visit called a Shared Medical Appointment.

Groups as unique as you

Online recovery groups available to join through the Workit Health app—join as many as you’d like.

No judgment, just support

Participate to your comfort level. Share your own story and offer experience, or just listen.

1)  Download the Workit Health app

Join in just a few minutes. We’ll verify your insurance or give you pricing information.

2) Schedule an appointment with your provider

Schedule a video appointment to meet with a licensed, expert provider.

3) Order drug tests

Our drug screening process is 100% online and simple, and drug tests are shipped to you at no extra cost. In certain states, you must take a drug test before you can receive medication.

4) Video chat with a nonjudgmental clinician

Our providers are compassionate, kind, and dedicated to helping people make positive change.

5) Receive medication if appropriate

After your first visit, if clinically appropriate, the clinician will e-prescribe medication to your local pharmacy, as appropriate.

6) Get ongoing support

Attend virtual Shared Medical Appointments for clinical follow-up care, join online recovery groups, complete skills-based therapeutic courses, and more.

You will meet with a Workit Health clinician directly through the Workit Health web or phone app.

Log in to your account at your scheduled appointment time, and choose to join your provider’s meeting room.

Our video conferencing is private and secure.

Follow-up appointments are Shared Medical Appointments with a clinician, behavioral health support, and your fellow Workit Health members.

Yes, we accept many types of insurance for our medication-assisted treatment program for opioids, including a range of commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare plans, depending on location. We’re also continually expanding our coverage. 

If insurance isn’t an option for you, we accept self-pay. Our out-of-pocket costs are one-tenth those of inpatient treatment.

Please verify your coverage with your health plan for the most accurate information.

The signup process is 100% confidential and takes only a few minutes. Sign up and schedule your orientation appointment directly online.

If you have questions, you can request more information and have a confidential text conversation.

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