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a referral

If your loved one is ready to make a change in their lives, make a referral to let us know.

A Workit care navigator will follow up by reaching out directly to your loved one with the contact information you provide.

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about addiction

Workit Health has created a guide to addiction and treatment for the loved ones of those struggling with substance use disorder.

It’s normal to have questions and fears, but you’re not alone in this. We have answers!


caring support

Workit Friends & Family is an innovative online support program for anyone whose loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder.

Get coaching sessions and a tailored program of courses to help you cope, set boundaries, and take care of yourself.

Understanding addiction

It can be baffling to watch a loved one struggle with substance use. “Why don’t they just stop?” you ask. But for people with substance use disorder, it’s not that easy.

Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by the following features:

  • Compulsive substance use that is difficult to control despite harmful consequences
  • Changes within a person’s brain, overriding their self-control, judgment, decision-making, and ability to resist urges to drink or use drugs
  • Growing tolerance for the substance, meaning someone may have to take more than they previously did to achieve the same effect
  • Progressive—it will get worse if left untreated
  • High incidence of relapse (returning to use) after quitting

Substance use disorder can be frightening, but it is a treatable condition. It is a myth that someone needs to reach rock bottom to obtain help; they can get help at any time they are ready for it.

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Support options for friends and families

There are a range of support groups for family, friends, and partners of loved ones struggling with addiction. You are not alone.

is a 12-step-based support group for anyone impacted by addiction.

SMART Friends & Family →
is an alternative to 12-step programs that provides effective and easy-to-learn tools to help you and your family.

Workit Health Friends and Family ↓
is an online support program that combines science-backed courses with personalized coaching. It is for anyone who has a friend or family member impacted by addiction.

Learn to Cope →
is a peer support network for friends and family members of those with substance use disorders.

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones → 
is a Christian organization that provides education and support to parents.

Want Workit to reach out to your loved one?


Workit Friends & Family Program

When a friend or family member is struggling with a substance use disorder, you feel it too. You’re doing your best to offer support, but the truth is, you need help too.

That’s why we created Workit Friends & Family – an innovative online support program for anyone who has a friend or family member struggling with a substance use disorder.

What’s inlcuded with Workit Friends & Family:

  • A personalized program of courses to help you cope and set boundaries with your loved one and take care of yourself.
  • Online appointments with your coach to support you, while you support your loved one.
  • Chat or email with a qualified and compassionate Workit counselor
  • 24/7 access to your personalized program of courses.

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