For us, this is personal.

Created and operated by people in recovery for people in recovery, Workit Health strives to improve the lives of people who struggle with addiction by providing patient-centered, whole-person care that is effective and affordable.

What is Workit Health?

Workit Health is a telehealth provider offering addiction treatment available from the privacy and comfort of home.

Highly trained clinicians
Workit Health’s affiliated clinicians are licensed experts from a range of medical backgrounds, all licensed and trained to prescribe buprenorphine as appropriate.

Harm reduction-based
We celebrate small steps in the right direction. Our members don’t have to call themselves alcoholics or addicts—they can identify however feels true to them. We do not force people out if they relapse.

Science-based, personalized care
We offer treatment that fits real life, meeting people who need help right where they are.

83% adherence rate
Workit members have an 83% adherence rate after 6 months in the program, and 67% retention over that same time period.

doctor on video

Working with the best in the business


Workit Health is a mission-driven business dedicated to making a social impact. As a B-corporation, we’ve met verified standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. 

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