Our Team

Together, we're transforming what it means to recover

Leadership Team

Lisa McLaughlin

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Lisa is a serial social entrepreneur with passion for creating a high-performance and collaborative culture, focusing on precision prevention models. She’s served on executive leadership teams at startups in the digital health and edtech spaces for over ten years, supplemented with seven years of academic experience in psychiatry.

Robin McIntosh

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Robin McIntosh believes that addiction treatment will be radically transformed by patient led advocacy and design. An experienced entrepreneur, designer and proud woman in recovery, Robin has founded multiple companies, and has worked in digital health and social impact over the past ten years.

Dana Forman

Chief Behavioral Health Officer

Dana is a Nurse Practitioner with 10 years expertise in healthcare and endless passion for quality addiction care.

Paul Leonard, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Leonard is a board-certified community emergency medicine physician and clinical professor with extensive experience in ED-based harm reduction. He’s served as an advisor to multiple organizations, focused on growing next-generation healthcare technologies to effectively serve the needs of diverse populations.

Patrick Schoeps

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick is an engineer with a background in neuroscience, and a passion for combining health and tech to improve lives.

Lanette Allendorf

Lanette Allendorf

VP of Behavioral Health

Kate Monti

VP of Operations

Kate is an operations and compliance genius who holds dual masters degrees in social work and public health.

Dan Varley

VP of Finance

Dan has a background in corporate finance and economics and prides himself on being a numbers guru.  He has a passion for improving health and creating value.

Katherine Emley

Head of Sales

Katherine is an advocate for building technology with compassion, focused on connecting high-quality, evidence-based treatment to those who need it.


Kali Lux

Head of Marketing

Kali is a digital marketing expert who leans in to the culture gap between addiction, recovery, and medicine.

Laura Turanchik

Head of Design

Laura is a visual designer with a background in experience design and a passion for crafting meaningful digital systems and services.

In 2014, Robin McIntosh and Lisa McLaughlin were tired of watching friends fall through the cracks of traditional addiction treatments.

HQ Team

Kristy Allen

People Operations Lead

Kristy is a systems optimization guru with a love for helping people near and far use tech to be the best versions of themselves.

Ashley Hails

Operations Associate

Ashley has a passion for intertwining skills gained from her social work background to solve complex problems to create a social impact.

Graham Vogt

Graham Vogt

Operations Associate

Graham is a user experience fanatic who’s excited to bring his background to health tech and addiction recovery.

Anton Buri

Business Development Representative

Anton is a Venture for America Fellow who is dedicated to leading innovative approaches that drive social change.


Sal Saia

Senior Engineer

Sal is an engineer dedicated to building tools that empower us to live our best lives.


Esther Lu

Software Engineer

Esther is an engineer with a passion for developing the intersection between technology and people.

Omar Jennings

Data Science Engineer

Omar is a Marine Corps Veteran with a background Computer Science and Quantitative Modeling. Omar is driven by data and wants to leverage the numbers to assist people.

Lily Croskey-Englert

Product Designer


Courtney Todd

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Courtney is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for raising awareness in the addiction treatment, recovery, and public health space.

Alaine Sepulveda

Content Strategist

Alaine is a content strategist who believes that engaging people and sharing stories with them allows us to spread knowledge, and to help others in the path to recovery.


Amy Wilson

Lead Care Navigator

Amy brings compassion and empathy to her role as Care Navigator, where she assists people in finding the help they need while answering any questions they might have.

Dom Cooper

Care Navigator

Dom brings experience and compassion to the role of Care Navigator. She is passionate about helping people find the resources they need for life-affirming self care.


Jacob Jean-Charles

Care Navigator

Jacob brings passion and guidance to his role as Care Navigator, using his warm personality to make the people he assists feel as comfortable as possible.


Chris McMullen

Care Navigator

Chris has a passion for helping people. He carries integrity, compassion, and honesty in all he does. He believes his purpose is to support people in their pursuit of happiness.


Jessica Pearce

Care Navigator

Jessica brings enthusiasm and compassion to those finding recovery in her role as Care Navigator. She is driven by a sense of understanding and takes pride in providing the best service possible.


Shaniece Shillings

Care Navigator

Shaniece Shillings is one of our Care Navigators at Workit Health! As a Sacramento native, rafting and hiking, all with a good self-help book, is the best way to spend an afternoon. She’s an inspirational writer and has experience writing marketing content for Facebook, Google, Instagram, and many other popular platforms. She’s been marketing social media content for 5 years and in her new role now plays a key role in marketing, onboarding, and advocating for our newest members.


Kristina Steeneck

Billing Manager

My background is in revenue cycle management. I find excitement in creating functional billing processes that allow patient and provider to focus on care.

Lori Pletcher

Enrollment Specialist

Lindsay Barker

Patient Account Specialist

Carrie Hinds

Patient Account Specialist


Melissa Hutcheson

Patient Account Specialist

My experience is in medical billing. I enjoy helping member eliminate stress surrounding billing concerns and assisting the billing team with claims processing.

Our Medical Advisors

Paul Leonard, MD
Physician, EPNO
Chief Medical Officer

Kevin Armington, MD
Physician, NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
Clinical Director, New Jersey

Theadia Carey, MD, MS
Director, Ann Arbor VA
Clinicial Director, Michigan

John Greden, MD
Director, UM Depression Center
Clinical Advisor

Itai Danovitch, MD
Chair, Cedar Sinai Psychiatry
Clinical Advisor

Lisa Gentz, MSW
Administrator, ACCESS Washtenaw
Clinical Advisor