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Personalized, whole-person care from anywhere

Workit Health meets people where they are, helps them find freedom from harmful substances, and supports them to develop skills, strategies, and pathways to lead healthier happier lives. From the very beginning, we evaluate each individual as a whole person—with unique treatment needs, objectives, and co-occurring issues. Our ‘one-size-fits-one’ approach guarantees a customized and supportive treatment experience.

We adhere to evidence-based principles across all of our programs and remain dedicated to providing the best clinical care possible. Our unique virtual clinical programs include provider visits, recovery groups, online recovery courses, 24/7 chat access to the care team, and support for co-occurring issues—all delivered via telemedicine. 

Our care navigation team is available to support individuals on the recovery journey from benefits verification through the completion of their treatment. We are committed to providing seamless transitions between providers and the highest level of care coordination.

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