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Recent events

Recent events

Brandon Novak: Rising from Rock Bottom

Workit Health recently hosted an exceptional community event, Brandon Novak: Rising From Rock Bottom. Brandon Novak was a pro skateboarder, CKY crew member, Viva La Bam star, and Jackass cast member, and is now a renowned recovery speaker, author, and Certified Intervention Professional. At this online Workit Health event, he shared the raw, honest story of the heartbreaking depths his addiction took him to, and the hope and joy he now experiences as a man in recovery. Brandon knows what it is like to be at your very lowest, and he offers an inspiring example of the healing and growth that are possible. Brandon also answered several questions submitted exclusively for this event.

Learn from our past panels

Learn from our past panels

Q&A with Dr. Justin Coffey, Chief Medical Officer for Workit Health

Part of what makes Workit different is the guidance of our leadership team. Join us for a Q+A with a prominent member of that team: Dr. Justin Coffey, Chief Medical Officer of Workit Health! Dr. Coffey is a neuropsychiatrist and one of the nation’s leading experts in psychiatry and behavioral health. What does a Chief Medical Officer do? What does person-centered care really mean? And how do we change the way addiction care is treated in America?

Breathwork for Recovery with Regina

Join Regina (@rocke_body), Breathwork facilitator, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, yoga instructor, and NASM-certified personal trainer, for a free Breathwork session via Zoom, focusing on exploring your recovery process. When you watch the video, wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal/paper and something to write with. Be prepared to be comfortably seated or lie down to breathe, and make sure you're in a quiet place free from distractions. 

Queer Joy in Recovery: A Storytelling Session

Workit Health and our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group were thrilled to present Queer Joy in Recovery: A Storytelling Session. While it is vital to recognize and address the inequalities and struggles that the community faces, it is also important to celebrate the joys and triumphs! Workit employees from the LGBTQ+ community shared the greatest joys that they've discovered on their own, diverse personal growth and recovery journeys.

Tapering Off Suboxone

From the moment they learn about buprenorphine and Suboxone, many people in recovery begin to worry about the tapering process. On this panel discussion, Workit experts answer your questions about tapering off Suboxone. Join our guests Kevin Armington, M.D., Eric McClimans, C.N.P., and Melani Mood, L.P.C. as they discuss why tapering is necessary, how the process is likely to progress, what it feels like, and more.

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