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Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Recovery Month Panel: Families in Recovery

September is National Recovery Month, and this year's theme is, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” In recognition of this theme, Workit is spotlighting families in recovery at this month's community event. Workit Content Strategist Alaine Sepulveda hosts a panel of experts who have their own experiences being part of families in recovery, as well as working with and supporting other families. Panelists include Jon Twork, Workit's Michigan Clinic Site Director; Kerry DeVilbiss, Workit's VP of Client Success; Frederick Shegog, motivational speaker and owner of The Message, LLC; and Patricia McLaughlin, the mother of Workit's Co-CEO Lisa McLaughlin.

September 29th at 4pm PST/7 pm EST

Learn from our past panels

Learn from our past panels

Mindful Meditation for Post-Pandemic Stress

As things begin to return to normal around the country, many of us are feeling social anxiety about hanging out with friends again, work stress about returning to the office, and lingering health concerns about the virus. Join meditation teacher Micah Anderson for a free mindful meditation to help us cope with and overcome our post-pandemic stress.

Sans Bar & Zero Proof Nation Mocktail Mixer

Join our guests Laura Silverman of Zero Proof Nation and Chris Marshall of Sans Bar as we host a Mocktail Mixer. You'll learn how to make delicious mocktails and meet these two amazing trailblazers. We also talk about how to socialize sans booze and strategies for hosting your own mixers.

Broadening Perspectives on Harm Reduction

Host Olivia Pennelle, Tracey Helton, MPA, Haven Wheelock, MPH, and Elizabeth Brico, MFA come together to discuss harm reduction: what it is, how it has been framed by the recovery movement and the broad spectrum of services that facilitate harm reduction.

How We Workit: Meet Workit Health's Medical Team

Workit's Community Coordinator Courtney Todd hosts a Q&A panel with some of Workit's medical experts: Dana Forman, FNP, Workit's VP of Clinical Staff; Paul Leonard, MD, Workit's Chief Medical Officer; Kevin Armington, MD, the supervising physician at our New Jersey Clinic; and Tami Wiggins, NP, a nurse practitioner at our Ohio clinic. The focus is on frequently asked questions about the program.

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