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Recent events

Recent events

Breathe into the New Year with Breathworker Syd Rhodes

The start of the year can be a time of excitement, anticipation … and anxiety about what’s to come, especially for those of us in addiction recovery. We invite you to learn a new tool to counteract this anxiety—Breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful tool that you can access at any time and any place, and has the potential of transformational healing. In this video, Breathworker Syd Rhodes leads the Workit Community in a beginner Breathwork session, focused on breathing through the stressful moments of recovery. This is a great introduction to Breathwork if you’ve never tried it, a valuable workshop for people in recovery who are seeking new coping tools, and a wonderful refresher for those who already use Breathwork.

Learn from our past events

Learn from our past events

How to Workit Through the Holidays

Join Workit Health staff in recovery for this panel on how to "Workit" through the holidays. For many people in recovery, the holidays can cause extra stress and even put their sobriety at risk. But the holidays can also be a time of celebration, connection, and reflection. Tune in to hear from a diverse array of experiences and get tips on how to not only survive the holiday season—but thrive!

Finances and Budgeting in Recovery Workshop

Join Workit Health Counselor Reon Dawson and Care Specialist Ceola Johnson for a workshop about finances and budgeting in recovery. Often our recovery is entwined with our financial health, and pulling the two apart can be a challenge. In this FREE online workshop, Reon and Ceola will take you through the first steps of rebuilding your relationship with money and creating a budget, no matter where you are in your recovery journey.

¡Buen Provecho con Mariam!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Mexico-born, Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Mariam O’Donnell as she shares the colorful flavors of Ceviche de Coco (Coconut Ceviche). It was once one of South America’s best-kept secrets for centuries, but ceviche is becoming a popular appetizer and will continue gaining popularity as the century progresses. This delicious recipe and fun conversation is a great way to celebrate and honor the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans!

Brandon Novak: Rising from Rock Bottom

Brandon Novak was a pro skateboarder, CKY crew member, Viva La Bam star, and Jackass cast member, and is now a renowned recovery speaker, author, and Certified Intervention Professional. At this online Workit Health event, he shared the raw, honest story of the heartbreaking depths his addiction took him to, and the hope and joy he now experiences as a man in recovery. Brandon knows what it is like to be at your very lowest, and he offers an inspiring example of the healing and growth that are possible. Brandon also answered several questions submitted exclusively for this event.

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