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Humana members now have access to Workit Health

Simple substance use and mental health support—from the privacy of home, right when you need it most.

We offer clinical care for addiction and mental health in select states, all covered by Humana.


Compassionate care from experts, in the palm of your hand

Workit Health has partnered with Humana to bring personalized treatment and seamless care to you in the privacy of home. Recover on your own terms and on your own schedule, without taking time away from work or family.

Medication support

Medication can help reduce cravings and balance your brain chemistry. Workit providers build a personalized care plan and e-prescribe medication to your local pharmacy when appropriate.

Medication support

Behavioral health support

Find connection and support through our online community. There you will find both support and therapeutic groups, as well as a curriculum of evidence-based courses.

chatting with provider

Workit Health Guides

Learn more about recovery and find tips and inspiration to keep your recovery goals on track.

Start feeling like yourself again

Learn more about Workit Health

What addiction treatment accepts Humana?

Workit Health accepts Humana for its 100% virtual addiction treatment clinics for opioid, stimulants, and alcohol use disorders. 

What can I expect from telemedicine addiction treatment?

Workit Health’s digital app allows you to connect with licensed clinicians dedicated to helping you meet your recovery goals. Join online recovery groups, work through a therapeutic curriculum to help you learn coping skills, and receive medication e-prescribed to your local pharmacy.

What if I’m a Humana member who needs drug or alcohol rehab?

Workit Health’s virtual rehab programs are covered by Humana. Just like at an in-person treatment center, you’ll meet with a provider, join online recovery groups, and receive medication if needed.

Check your coverage with Workit Health in five minutes online. If you prefer, call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify benefits.

Is Workit Health as effective as drug or alcohol rehab?

Although rehab has commonly been the solution for a drug or alcohol problem, many rehabs don’t offer medications which can reduce discomfort and risk of relapse. That’s where we’re different. At Workit Health, 80% of our members are adherent with the program after six months, meaning that digital care meets or surpasses efficacy of in-person treatment.

At Workit Health our program is adaptable to all stages of substance use and recovery, meaning you don’t have to identify as an addict or hit a rock bottom to reach out for help. 

Learn more about the science behind our program.

Humana covers Workit Health in many states

Exceptional clinical treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorder, covered by Humana.

Humana covers Workit Health’s clinical programs for opioid and alcohol use disorders. Please verify your coverage. 

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