Which Workit program is best for you?

Over 20 million Americans struggle with risky substance use, but fewer than 1 in 10 receive help.

Workit Health is changing that by bringing expert clinical care, community connection, and science-backed courses to your phone.

Trust us to help you overcome

opioid addiction

Find long-term recovery from opioids with whole-person care, including clinician appointments, FDA-approved medication, community support, and courses.

A better way to change your

relationship with alcohol

Quit or reduce your drinking with the help of medication, courses, and a community that understands.

Receive clinical care for

stimulant addiction

Our innovative program combines medical care, motivation, and behavioral health support to help you quit meth, cocaine, or prescription stimulants.

Doctor speaking with patient via mobile app

Dual diagnosis

co-occurring disorders

It is common for people to have a dual diagnosis of addiction and another condition. Our affiliated clinicians and care teams fully support our members.

Trusted by health care professionals


The Right Care When You Need It Most

Just like a traditional rehab, our members meet with clinicians, join recovery groups, and stay on track with therapeutic courses built by experts—all from the privacy of home.

Discreet, Affordable & Evidence-Based

All Workit clinician visits take place online, hosted through our HIPAA-compliant app. Like any doctor's appointment, our providers will check in with you and monitor your health throughout your treatment. The only difference is that it is all online.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

We prescribe medications which relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Medications are administered as a part of our complete treatment program, which includes online groups, skills-based coursework, and community connections.​

Behavioral Health Support

Find connection and support through our online community. There you will find both support and therapeutic groups, as well as a curriculum of evidence-based courses.

Virtual clinical care for substance use in certain states​

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