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The term PrEP refers to pre-exposure prophylaxis. It refers to oral medication taken by HIV-negative people to prevent contracting HIV from drug use and sex.

When taken properly, these medications are very effective in preventing HIV infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tell us that PrEP reduces the risk of contracting HIV from sex by up to 99 percent, and reduces the risk of transmission from IV drug use by at least 74 percent.


Truvada has been in use since 2004. It is an oral combination of two medications that offers 92-99% efficacy against HIV infection when taken as prescribed.


Descovy is an oral combination of emtricitabine & tenofovir alafenamide that is 99.7% effective when taken as prescribed. Descovy has not been tested and approved for use by cisgender women, but is effective and approved for AMAB people.


You may be a good candidate for PrEP if...​

  • you’re in a sexual relationship with a partner with HIV​
  • you have sexual relationships without condoms​
  • you have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease in the past 6 months​
  • you use drugs intravenously and have an injection partner with HIV​
  • you use drugs intravenously and share needles​

FAQs: PrEP and HIV

Yes. Clinics that offer telemedicine can provide prescriptions for PrEP with phone or video consultation. PrEP is not intended for HIV-positive people, so you may be asked to take an HIV test before starting the medication. You can contact a local PrEP provider via the PrEP locator website.

Workit Health offers PrEP via digital medicine for those in our medication-assisted treatment clinic for opioids or alcohol.

According to the CDC, PrEP is safe to take but some people experience side effects, including: diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, headache, and fatigue. However, these side effects usually dissipate over time.

PrEP is not approved for those who are HIV-positive or who have kidney impairment.

Yes, both directly and indirectly. Injection drug use can be a direct route for HIV transmission, because people sometimes share needles, syringes, and other materials that may be contaminated. Many people don’t realize that human immunodeficiency virus can survive in these types of drug paraphernalia for up to 42 days.

Alcohol and other drugs are considered to indirectly increase the risk of HIV, as it is more likely for someone inebriated to have unprotected sex and/or sex with multiple partners. These behaviors are associated with a greater risk of contracting HIV and other STIs, like hepatitis B and C.

No. HIV is not transmitted through mosquitos, saliva, hugging, or shaking hands. You cannot catch it from sharing a toilet or eating off the same dishes, because HIV doesn’t survive for long outside the human body. It cannot reproduce outside of a human host.

Closed-mouth kissing or kissing on the cheek is not a way that HIV is transmitted. It is a blood-borne virus and is transmitted through the blood and bodily fluids, so you can’t contract it through the air.

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Taken as directed, PrEP can allow you to live your life confidently, with a greatly reduced risk of contracting HIV. However, PrEP isn’t protection against other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and therefore is not a replacement for condoms.

Your Workit care team can decide if PrEP is right for you. If you are a good fit, medication can be e-prescribed to your local pharmacy.

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