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Tips for Enjoying Memorial Day the Sober Way

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Dreading the kickoff of summer because of all the parties and social events that warm weather seems to bring? 

After COVID wiped out many of our 2020 summer plans, this summer is sure to be full of reunions with friends and family. Here are 5 tips that will help you enjoy a social, sober summer.

1. Be the party planner: What better way to take control of the gathering than to host it yourself? You can supply ingredients to make your favorite mocktail, plan a fun menu, or an activity like karaoke. 

2. Bring along a sober buddy: If you’re worried about being the only sober person at the party, bringing a sober friend with you is a great way to avoid feeling awkward and offers you a built-in support system. Riding together and leaving together means you’ll have someone to keep you accountable if temptation arises. If you aren’t able to bring someone, message a sober friend, mentor, or your Workit counselor before and after the event for a virtual accountability check-in.

3. Mocktails are always a good idea: Who doesn’t love bubbly water with some fresh fruit or mint. Bring your favorite mocktail so you can enjoy a delicious drink while you socialize. Being set up with a drink in hand also ensures that people won’t try to offer you alcohol. Try this mocktail:

Blueberry Ginger Cooler Mocktail

8oz non-alcoholic ginger beer (Fever Tree)

1 cup of blueberries

2 oz of lime juice 

Top it off with your favorite bubbly water (I recommend lime or blueberry/berry flavored)


4. Stay focused on activities: Play a game, offer to help the host grill, or get to know the guest who seems to know everyone the least. Worried there won’t be much happening other than getting wasted? Ask the host if it makes sense for you to attend if you aren’t planning on drinking. 

5. Attend the get-together early: Stop into the event earlier in the day to avoid being around people who may have had too much to drink later in the evening. Don’t feel obligated to stay until the end, and ensure that you have your own transportation to avoid getting stuck somewhere people are drinking or using drugs heavily.

Loved ones should support you in your recovery, but often a lack of education or understanding around alcohol at events can result in awkward moments. Remember that it’s up to you to disclose why you’re not drinking, or if it’s the right event for you to attend at this point in your recovery.

Need more tips? Here are some other pointers on navigating Memorial Day, and other holidays, the sober way:

Courtney Todd is the digital marketing coordinator at Workit Health. She has a  passion for raising awareness in the addiction treatment, recovery, and public health space.

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