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5 Ways Your Fitness Tracker Can Help You Beat Addictive Behaviors

Fitness trackers are ubiquitous these days; Jawbone, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Misfit, Garmin…even McDonalds has tried to jump on the trend (unsuccessfully). They’re especially popular in January, when many of us resolve to revamp our habits for the healthier, kick addictive behaviors, or get help with addiction recovery. Whether your wearable device is a freshly opened holiday gift, or a time-tested favorite, milk the most out of it by using it to help you stick to the jackpot of New Year’s resolutions: kicking addictions and bad habits. Here are 5 ways fitness trackers help you kick your vices:

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4 Ways to Feel Your Best In Dry January

Ah, Dry January is finally upon us! It’s a month many of us sort of look forward to but also sort of dread: when we commit to staying off the booze for 31 days. Dry January ends up on the ultimate high note (accomplishing it feels great mentally and physically!), but getting through it has its highs and lows, like any lifestyle revamp does. Here’s 4 ways to feel your best throughout the inevitable rollercoaster:

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