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6 Strategies for Spending (Sober) Holidays with Family

I stopped drinking in June of 1997.  I went to AA and counted days off of alcohol. As I endured a roller-coaster of emotions day to day, sometimes hour to hour, I pretended to (and sometimes, genuinely did) enjoy my first sober summer New York City. As the hot days transitioned into cooler ones, and as I was safely past my first 90 days sober and experiencing my first sober everything, I prepared for my first holiday season – and potentially visiting my family – without my buffer and crutch, alcohol. I say “prepared for” because at the time, I wasn’t sure what I would do when the time came to fly home to visit my family.  

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What Is A Suboxone Treatment Plan?

There are many questions might have before beginning Suboxone. What should I consider before beginning treatment? How do I even begin this type of medication? What dosage do I take? This article will help explain what a Suboxone treatment plan actually looks like and what to expect.

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