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Virtual Addiction Resources Recommended By Our Experts

If you have an emergency or crisis, call 911.

Mental Health and Well-Being Apps

Balance (iOS): Answer questions to receive personalized meditations.

Brain Wave (iOS): Advanced binaural brainwave entrainment combined with ambient music, nature sounds, other audio apps, or your own music.

Breathe2Relax: (iOS & Android): A portable stress management tool which helps users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing

Breathwrk (iOS & Android): Free guided breathing exercises to help alleviate anxiety, fall asleep, get energized, and more.

Breethe (iOS & Android): Overcome anxiety, fall asleep, and discover powerful ways to cope with real-life challenges.

Calm (iOS & Android): Calm is a leading app for meditation and sleep.

Endel (iOS & Android): Personalized sound environments to help you focus, relax, and sleep.

Headspace (iOS & Android): Everyday mindfulness and meditation for stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, fitness, and more.

I am – Positive Affirmations (iOS & Android): An app designed to help overcome negative thought patterns through daily affirmations.

Insight Meditation Timer (iOS & Android): Free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress.

MyNoise (iOS & Android): Create beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear.

Noom (iOS & Android): An app designed to help you lose weight and get healthy through CBT.

Relax Melodies (iOS & Android):  Mix endless sounds and music, countless meditations, and shelves of stories with smart technology.

Simple Habit (iOS & Android): An app recommended by psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. It provides wellness and sleep therapy sessions, guided meditations, and daily motivations.

Waking Up (iOS & Android): Waking Up is a guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

Find more apps here (iOS) and Android here.

AA Grapevine (website):  Allows you to calculate how long you’ve been in recovery by years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. 

I Am Sober (iOS & Android): Tracks days sober, milestones, helps you build new habits, and has a withdrawal timeline to understand what to expect in recovery.

LOOSID (iOS & Android): Helps to connect you to a sober community and keep track of your recovery.

Nomo (iOS & Android): An app designed by a person who found keeping track of his recovery helpful. The app allows you to share sobriety clocks and shows you a breakdown of your progress.

Quitzilla (iOS & Android): Sobriety counter and bad habits breaker. This app helps you track your behaviors, analyze them, and eventually break them.

SoberGrid (iOS & Android): More than a sobriety tracker, this app is a sober network of people around the world who are in recovery. Features a burning desire alert that shows when you need immediate support.

Sober Sidekick (iOS Android): Offers instant sober support and advice as well as a clock feature.

Sober Time (iOS). Sober calculator and community that helps track your recovery. 

SoberTool (iOS & Android): Harvard-educated addiction recovery counselor developed this tool using proven techniques that help you stay sober. 

Asana Rebel (iOS & Android): Get in shape with this yoga and fitness app designed to help you lose weight and get fit.

ASICS Studio (iOS & Android): Access unlimited circuit workouts for running, lifting, spinning, stretching, and more.

Courtney Black Fitness (iOS & Android): Allows you to set your own fitness goals and progress your training.

CENTR by Chris Hemsworth (iOS & Android): Receive guidance on food, training, and wellness through leading experts.

FIIT (iOS & Android): Home workouts and fitness plans.

Fit Radio (iOS & Android): Features music mixes that are fun and energetic.

FLY LDN Online (iOS & Android): Gain online access to virtual yoga and fitness available anytime and anywhere.

Freeletics HIIT Training Coach (iOS & Android): Personalized HIIT workouts at home.

Glo (iOS & Android): Yoga, meditation, and pilates app for all levels of fitness.

Jillian Michaels (iOS & Android): Get access to free 7-minute workouts.

JEFIT (iOS & Android): Use this app to design detailed training programs, workout instructions and tools to log your workouts.

Kinetic (iOS & Android): Features technology that pairs with Kinetic’s Smart Training shoes and other sensors to provide cyclists with a comprehensive workout experience.

Mark Lauren On Demand: Fitness (iOS & Android): Designed to keep workouts simple by using your own body as your fitness equipment.

Nike Training Club (iOS & Android): Multi-week programs led by a Nike Master Trainer, with workouts, nutrition tips, and wellness guidance.

Peloton (iOS & Android): Access to on-demand classes whether you have their equipment or not. Running, outdoor, cycling, and strength-based workouts.

RWL by Lucy Mecklenburgh (iOS & Android): Unique food, fitness, and mindset approaches to help you get healthy, lose weight, and transform your lifestyle. 

Sworkit Fitness (iOS & Android): A workout system designed to fit into your schedule. 

Sweat: Fitness App For Women (iOS & Android): Home workouts designed to make you sweat and lose body weight.

Shred (iOS & Android): Offers a range of workouts and routines designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Shreddy (iOS & Android): contains both workout and meal planning guides

Strava (iOS & Android): Tracking and networking app to track cycling, swimming and running.

The Body Coach Workout Planner (iOS & Android): Gives you the option to buy and schedule sessions with a personal trainer.

Wakeout (iOS): Access mini exercises that help you feel amazing.

WOD Generator (iOS & Android): Designed to provide a variety of intense random workouts daily.

Workout Trainer (iOS & Android): Designed to provide exercise and training routines for a range of fitness levels.

Yoga Studio (iOS & Android): Access to an all-in-one yoga and meditation app with a library of detailed poses and instructions.

The podcasts labeled as “no longer active” are not creating new episodes, but have archives of excellent content.

The Bubble Hour (no longer active)

Buddhist Recovery Network (no longer active)

Annie Grace: This Naked Mind

Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives (no longer active)


ODAAT Chat Podcast

SHAIR Podcast (no longer active)

Recovery Rocks


Recovery Elevator

Spiritualish (no longer active)

Sober Grind (no longer active)

Seltzer Squad (no longer active)

Recovery Unscripted (no longer active)

Clean and Sober Radio

Sober Curious

Self Made & Sober (no longer active)

The Unruffled Podcast (no longer active)

Let’s Talk: Addiction & Recovery Podcasts

Breaking Free: Your Recovery. Your Way (no longer active)

HOME (no longer active)

Love Sober

A Sober Girls Guide

Recovery Happy Hour (no longer active)

Since Right Now (no longer active)

Taking a Break From Drinking

Sober as a Mother (no longer active)

Addiction Unlimited

Find Community in Recovery

LOOSID (iOS & Android): Helps connect you to a sober community and keep track of your recovery.

RecoveryLink (website): Provides digital recovery support, including meetings, yoga, meditation, and movement.

SoberGrid (iOS & Android): More than a sobriety tracker, this app is a sober network of people around the world who are in recovery. Features a “burning desire” alert that shows when you need immediate support.

Sober Sidekick (iOS): Offers instant sober support and advice as well as a clock feature.

We Connect Recovery (iOS & Android): Provides peer support, rewards for recovery, and help to build routines.

Faces & Voices of Recovery (Facebook link): Facebook community for those in recovery from substance use disorders and their families. 

HAMS (Facebook link): A support group that seeks to provide harm reduction for alcohol resources 

HAMS for Drugs (Facebook link): A group focused on harm reduction support for those who use any drugs (both legal and illegal) that aren’t the main focus of the other HAMS groups.

HAMS for Women (Facebook link): An alcohol harm reduction support group for women (cis women, trans women, and gender non-conforming welcome).

Harm Reduction Works (Facebook link): A harm reduction-based self-help/mutual aid group originally conceived as an alternative to abstinence-only types of organizations such as 12-step groups.

Life After 12-Step Recovery (Facebook link): A Facebook community for people who have left or are leaving 12-step recovery but still want peer support.

Living Sober (Facebook link): An international community run by Mrs D.

Narcotics Anonymous (Facebook link): A Facebook community is a 12-step group for people in recovery from addiction.

Magnolia Addiction Support (Facebook Link): An education, advocacy, and support group for people with substance use disorders and their families. 

Recovery Dharma (Facebook link): A peer-led Facebook community that uses Buddhist principles and practices for people seeking recovery support.

Recovery to Practice (Facebook link): A networking group for clinicians and addiction recovery professionals. 

Reddit Recovery (Reddit link): Offers message boards and a virtual support hangout. 

SHE RECOVERS Together (Facebook link): An online community of women in all types of recovery.

Sober Sisters (Facebook link): A Facebook group for women in recovery.

The Sober Cafe (Facebook link): A support group for non-drinkers who want to chat, get support and discuss experiences. 

Women in Recovery (Facebook link): A Facebook community providing support to other women.

12-Step Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous (website)

Narcotics Anonymous (website)

Cocaine Anonymous (website)

Non-12-Step Groups

Soberistas (website): For women only. 

SMART Recovery (website)

Recovery Dharma (website)

Refuge Recovery (website)

LifeRing Secular Recovery (website)

Recovery 2.0 (website): Provides online meetings, yoga, and meditation classes.

Unity Recovery, WEconnect and The Alano Club (website): Offer daily digital recovery meetings of all types. 

Women for Sobriety (website): For women only. 

Moderation Management (website)

BIPOC Resources

White Bison/Wellbriety Movement (website)

Wellbriety Community (website): A Facebook group.

Native American Rehabilitation Association (website)

BIPOC Only Recovery Dharma (website)

Asian Mental Health Project (website)

Brown Girl Therapy (website)

Decolonizing Therapy (Instagram link)

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (website): Covers OR, WA, and IA.

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network (website)

Culturally Specific Resources

Millati Islami (website): Islamic.

JACS (website): Jewish.

Celebrate Recovery (Wikipedia): Christian.

LGBTQIA Recovery Resources

Gay & Sober (website)

Gay and Lesbians in AA (website)

LGBTQIA+ Queer Sangha (website)

QTPOC Mental Health (website)

QTIBIPOC Healing Space (website)

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (website)

Educational Recovery Supports

Association of Recovery High Schools (website)

Association of Recovery in Higher Education (website)

Other Recovery Groups

The Recovery Gym (website): A project of the Alano Club of Portland that runs classes for people in recovery.

The Phoenix (website): Offers group fitness for people in recovery

InTheRooms (website): A platform offering online meetings for all recovery groups, including many of the groups listed above and more.

ALANON (website): A 12-step-based support group for anyone impacted by addiction.

Alateen (website): A 12-step recovery support group for teens impacted by addiction.

SMART Friends & Family (website): An alternative to 12-step programs, SMART provides effective and easy-to-learn tools to help you and your family.

Nar-Anon (website): A 12-step program for friends and family of people with substance use disorder.

CoDA (website): A 12-step support group for people recovering from codependency.

Learn to Cope (website): A support network offering education, resources, and peer support for family members of those with substance use disorders.

GRASP (website): A support group for those struggling with grief after losing a loved one to addiction.

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (website): A Christian organization that provides education and support to parents. 

Adult Children of Alcoholics (website): A 12-step group for the adult children of those struggling with addiction.

Helplines, Advocacy, and Support

SAMHSA National Helpline (website): 1-800-662-HELP (4357) — TTY: 1-800-487-4889

SAMHSA Treatment Locator for Behavioral Health Treatment Services (website)

SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline (website): 1-800-985-5990 — Call or text.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (website): 988

Faces & Voices of Recovery (website)

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (website)

The Voices Project (website)

SOS Recovery Community Organization (website)

The Alano Club of Portland (website)

Unity Recovery (website)

Black Women’s Health Imperative (website)

Black Mental Wellness (website)

LyfeBulb (website)

Harm Reduction Coalition (website)

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation (website)

Drug Policy Alliance (website)

Asian Mental Health Project (website)

Decolonizing Therapy (Instagram link)

Harm Reduction Coalition (website)

Drug Policy Alliance (website)

Harm Reduction Works (website)

Association of Recovery Community Organizations (website): Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) are recovery centers located within communities that provide recovery support services. They offer peer-based meetings, peer mentor programs, referrals to support services, and social events.

National Alliance of Recovery Residences (website): Also called Oxford Houses, recovery housing refers to sober living environments for people in recovery. These homes provide a safe, clean, and supportive environment for people transitioning out of treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Resources

Medication-Assisted Treatment (webpage): This page includes effectiveness data.

Opioid Treatment Directory (webpage)

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator (webpage)

Buprenorphine Treatment Physician Locator (webpage)

MAT Medications, Counseling, and Related Conditions (webpage)

Suboxone is the brand name for a specific medication: buprenorphine/naloxone. Buprenorphine/naloxone is one of only three FDA-approved medications for opioid use disorder. 

National Institutes of Health (website): A research report on the use of  medications to treat opioid use disorder.

SAMHSA (website): Page about the use of buprenorphine, including links to additional data. 

Workit Health (webpage): Page about what to expect from Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction, including links to additional articles and  informational resources.

Naltrexone is a medication approved by the FDA to treat both alcohol and opioid addiction. It comes in a pill form or as a monthly injectable called Vivitrol.

National Institutes of Health (website): A research report on the use of  medications to treat opioid use disorder.

SAMHSA (website): Page about the use of Naltrexone, including links to additional data.

Workit Health (webpage): Page about the use of Naltrexone for opioid addiction, including helpful FAQs.

Acamprosate (Campral) is a medication that is FDA-approved to treat alcohol use disorder. It can help you manage your cravings for alcohol, and may minimize the withdrawal effects and balance your brain chemistry once you’ve quit drinking.

National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: (website): Discusses the various medically-assisted treatment options, including acamprosate.

SAMHSA (website): Guide to using medication in the treatment of alcohol use disorder.

Workit Health (webpage): How to reduce drinking and manage alcohol cravings with medication.

Workit Health: (webpage): Page about the use of acamprosate (Campral) in treatment  for alcohol use, including helpful FAQs. 


Where can I get treatment?

Workit Health offers FDA-approved medication for people struggling with addiction in states where we offer Workit Clinic. Reduce cravings and double your chances of recovery with Suboxone or naltrexone. We offer online therapy nationally for all addictions.

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