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Client Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Last reviewed: January 1, 2021
Last revised: January 1, 2021

As a customer and client of Workit Health, we want to ensure that you know what you are entitled to. Workit Health clients will have the following rights:
  • To have your information’s confidentiality honored as outlined by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). For more information please see our Privacy Policy.
  • To have your privacy respected at all times unless Workit is legally mandated to report: suspected abuse, neglect, intent to harm yourself or someone else.
  • To be free of abuse, financial exploitation, retaliation, humiliation, or neglect.
  • To have access to your information upon request. Exercise answers are stored in the product and can be looked at anytime. Chat transcripts are available. You can see internal notes, reports, and assessments and can request amendments to your record.
  • To know when, and why, your information was disclosed.
  • To have interpretation services as needed and to have the materials given to you in a way which you can understand.
  • To have your personal preferences, values, culture, and beliefs respected.
  • To have choices in the services that you receive. Clients can choose to how much of the program they want to engage in and at what pace. Clients can choose the times that work for them for their chat appointments.
  • To be involved in decisions regarding your care.
  • To have your family, or other supports, involved in your care and treatment.
  • To refuse any treatment services and to be explained what that could mean for ongoing treatment at Workit Health.
  • To have your legally appointed decision maker be involved in your decisions and treatment.
  • To use outside, at your own cost, consultation.
  • To request that your treatment be internally reviewed.
  • To have shared with you the reported outcomes of your treatment.
  • To give consent for all treatment provided to you.
  • To be informed of, and give consent, to any protected health information that could be used in research studies.
  • To know who is providing your care and what credentials they have.
  • To have all complaints be reviewed by our internal grievance process, Recipient Rights Officer, or other governing bodies.
  • To be referred to advocacy services.
  • To be able to release your information to the people that you choose by signing releases of information. To have those releases be revoked when asked.
  • To receive referral information to local community resources when determined needed by your treatment team or when requested.
Your responsibilities:
  • To complete exercises in the program to best of your ability.
  • To inform the treatment staff of any past, current, or future circumstances that could affect your care and treatment.
  • To be involved in the treatment planning process.
  • To keep scheduled appointments with your clinician.
  • To ensure that payment information is kept up to date, and inform Workit if you have difficulty fulfilling financial obligations.
  • To invite other supports into your care and treatment as you deem necessary.
  • To let us know if you are having any issues with your treatment or experiences within the platform.

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