Recipient Rights

TITLE: Recipient Rights
AUTHORIZED BY: Board of Directors
Purpose: As required by R 325.14302 of the Administrative rules of Substance Abuse Service Programs in Michigan. The following policies and procedures were adopted by Workit Health on 8/1/17.

Documentation of the annual review and the majority approval of the governing body shall become a part of the administrative record, as shall other pertinent findings of the subcommittee.

Specific Recipient Rights

(1) A recipient as defined in the 1981 Administrative Rules for Substance Abuse Service Programs in Michigan shall not be denied appropriate service on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, mental or physical handicap, marital status, sexual preference, or political beliefs. The recipient rights subcommittee shall annually review and comment on all program policies and procedures with the goal of identifying any that are discriminatory in nature.

(2) The admission of a recipient to this program, or the provisions of prevention services, shall not result in the recipient being deprived of any rights, privileges, or benefits which are guaranteed to individuals by state or federal law or by the state or federal constitution.

(3) A recipient may present grievances or suggested changes in program policies and services to the program staff, to governmental officials, or to another person within or outside the program. In this process, the program shall not in any way restrain the recipient.

(4) A recipient has the right to review, copy, or receive a summary of his or her program records, unless in the judgment of the Program Director, such actions will be detrimental to the recipient or to others for either of the following reasons:

(a) Granting the request for disclosure will cause substantial harm to the relationship between the recipient and the program or to the program’s capacity to provide services in general.

(b) Granting the request for disclosure will cause substantial harm to the recipient.

If the Program Director determines that such action will be detrimental, the recipient is allowed to review non-detrimental portions of the record or a summary of the record. If a recipient is denied the right to review all or part of his or her record, the reason for the denial shall be stated to the recipient. An explanation of what portions of the record are detrimental and for what reasons, shall be stated in the client record and shall be signed by the Program Director. All requests to review records will be directed to the Program Director who is the only staff member authorized to grant such requests.