What Would You Have Told Your Pre-Addiction Self?

Fact Checked and Peer Reviewed

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What we’ve learned when struggling with opioid addiction.

The statistics on the opioid crisis are startling. But in designing preventative solutions for addiction the best place to start is often not with numbers but with stories. By listening to people share their personal, raw accounts of addiction we build empathy that unlocks all sorts of insights. When we ask, “What would you have told your pre-addiction self?” the answers are always vast and varied, but themes emerge that help us understand people’s needs and experiences on a deeper level.

Our warning label wishlist below was inspired by what we have learned from people battling prescription painkiller addictions. They illuminate possible opportunities for preventative intervention across the entire timeline of addiction, from before people ever pop their first pill to long beyond the point of dependency.

Education and awareness continue to be among our strongest weapons against the growing opioid epidemic. Joining the movement can be as simple as spreading the word, as an individual, or as an employer or health provider.

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