6 Questions About Online Suboxone Treatment, Answered

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Workit Health treats opiate addiction with medication like Suboxone in California and Michigan via telehealth. How do we do it?

Online addiction treatment is a new concept, as is getting a medication online in general. For the past 100+ years, if you’ve had a problem like addiction, you’ve gone away somewhere for a few months, and “dried out” or detoxed, and then come back to the world good as new.

But the 30 day spin dry solution isn’t so simple with opiate addiction. After 30, 60, or 90 days in treatment, risk of accidental OD is high. Escaping reality doesn’t always work when you return right back to the same situation with little support. And the costs of inpatient stays are sky high.

The evidence shows that medication, like buprenorphine/naloxone, is the gold standard of care for opiate addiction, which is why we’ve opened up Workit Clinic locations offering Suboxone in Michigan and California. Our clients see a doctor once or twice in person, then move to online care.

But online treatment is a new concept, so people have questions. Here are some common ones:

How will I talk to my medical provider online?

After your first one or two in person appointments with our Workit Care team, members move to telehealth (online) appointments. This means they see the doctor online, either with a smartphone or a computer via video chat. You and your provider will be able to hear and see each other for your appointment, and then your provider will call your prescription into your local pharmacy. This means you’ll need an internet connection, a smartphone or a computer, and a quiet place to talk.

Is there counseling required to get Suboxone online in your program?

Yes, we do require therapy and completion of Workit’s engaging online lessons to continue receiving buprenorphine/naloxone prescriptions with Workit Health. This is because we believe counseling and personal growth, reflection, and development is an integral part of recovery.

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Are 12-step meetings required to get Suboxone online in your program?

At this time, we don’t require any sort of 12-step meetings. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t encourage folks to forge their own paths in recovery. Many of us at Workit have found 12-step and non 12-step support groups beneficial, and we offer our own in person meetings (check out our resources list) that anyone, in our program or out of it, is welcome to join.

Are drug tests required in your program? How can you drug test via telehealth (online) appointments?

Yes, our program does drug test to verify that you are taking the medication we prescribe and not taking anything that would put you in danger while you’re taking Suboxone. The first drug tests are done in person, at our office, during your in person visits. After that, you’ll receive drug tests that can be shown to your care team via video. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to do these tests once you join the program.

Will Suboxone make me high? Is Suboxone replacing one drug for another? I’ve heard Suboxone isn’t clean… is this true?

There is a stigma (bias) out there against medication use to treat opiate addiction, but the evidence shows that it is the most safe and effective way to treat opiate addiction. If you feel high or mood-altered when you are on Suboxone, you can talk with your provider about altering your dose.

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Do I have to be in Michigan or California to receive online Suboxone treatment with Workit Health?

Yes, at this time we have physical clinics in the Bay Area (Lafayette), California and Ann Arbor, Michigan. This means if you are a resident of these two states, and you can get to these two locations for a single in-person appointment, our care team can see if you are a good fit for our online program.

We’re absolutely planning on coming to more states. Until then, you can check out our Workit Coach program, which offers access to our engaging online lessons (there is a specific curriculum designed to help you quit opioids), as well as peer recovery coaching to help you stay accountable, keep on track, and meet your goals.

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