5 Questions About Online Suboxone Treatment, Answered

Workit Health treats opiate addiction with medication like Suboxone in California and Michigan via telehealth. How do we do it? Here are the big questions we get about our online treatment program, answered.

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Workit Health treats opiate addiction with medication like Suboxone in many states via telehealth. How do we do it?

For a lot of people, online addiction treatment is a new concept, as is getting healthcare online in general. For the past 100+ years, if you’ve had a problem like addiction, you’ve gone away somewhere for a few months, and “dried out” or detoxed, and then come back to the world hoping that your recovery would stick.

But the 30-day spin dry solution isn’t so simple with opiate addiction. After 30, 60, or 90 days in treatment, the risk of accidental overdose is high. Escaping reality doesn’t always work when you return right back to the same situation with little support. And the costs of inpatient stays can be sky-high.

The evidence shows that medication-assisted treatment, like buprenorphine/naloxone, is the gold standard of care for opiate addiction, which is why Workit Health affiliated providers offer Suboxone in many states. Our virtual treatment programs offer accessible, science-based care even if you live in a rural area without brick-and-mortar providers or in a busy city with poor transportation options.

But online treatment is a new concept, so people have questions. Here are some common ones:

How will I talk to my medical provider online?

As a Workit Health member, you will see their provider via video appointment through our app, with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You and your provider will be able to hear and see each other for your appointment, and then your provider will send your prescription to your local pharmacy via e-prescription. This means that in order to attend an appointment, you’ll need an internet connection, a device with a camera (smartphone, tablet, or computer), and a quiet place to talk.

Is there counseling required to get Suboxone online in your program?

It depends on the state. In some states, therapy is required to receive buprenorphine (the main medication in Suboxone), in others recovery groups are adequate. Beyond the counseling groups that may be required for you, we also strongly recommend that everyone in our medication-assisted treatment program for opioids engage in coaching and working through Workit’s online courses. This is because we believe skills development, personal growth, and reflection are integral parts of recovery.

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Are 12-step meetings required to get Suboxone online in your program?

No. We know that a lot of programs and treatment centers require participation in a 12-step program, but we do not. However, this doesn’t mean we discourage folks from forging their own paths in recovery! Many of us at Workit have found 12-step and non-12-step support groups beneficial. We include a list of many groups that might be helpful on our Virtual Addiction Resources page under the heading “Mutual Aid Group Resources.” We also have our own, internal recovery groups where Workit members work on their recovery together, facilitated by a member of our care team.

Are drug tests required in your program? How can you drug test via telehealth (online) appointments?

Yes, our program does use drug testing to verify that you are taking the medication we prescribe and not taking anything that would put you in danger while you’re taking Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone). We will ship your drug tests to you at no additional cost. You will complete them and submit the results either via video drug testing (you will collect your sample off-camera and then review the results live on camera with a member of the Workit team) or via Automated Drug Testing (in which that app will walk you step-by-step through completing, photographing, and submitting your test, to later be verified by Workit staff. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to do these tests once you join the program.

Completing a drug test with Workit is never about judging you or seeking a “gotcha” moment.

Will Suboxone make me high? Is Suboxone replacing one drug for another? I’ve heard Suboxone isn’t clean … is this true?

There is a stigma (bias) out there against using medication to treat opioid use disorder, but the evidence shows that it is the safest and most effective way to treat opiate addiction. If you feel high or mood-altered when you are on Suboxone, talk with your provider about altering your dose.

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