Sean Paul Mahoney

Sean Paul Mahoney is the author of the new collection of essays Now That You’ve Stopped Dying and the co-host of the LGBTQ recovery podcast Queer Mental Condition. He also works as a recovery mentor and peer support specialist in Portland, Oregon.

Wooden picket fence against a pale blue background. Boundaries are a gift

Boundaries Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

In the blah days of January, way after whatever holiday sparkle we were able to muster up has gone, what are we left with? Personally, as a man in long-term recovery, I find myself incredibly grateful at the end of the holidays for the gift of boundaries. 

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Sober and Suddenly Single

“It’s just us three from here on out,” I remember thinking as I stood in my kitchen and stared at the scruffy faces of my two cats. See, I was getting divorced and it was hard not to feel like a divorced old cat lady.

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