Olivia Pennelle

Olivia Pennelle is a writer, journalist, and recovery activist. Her work has appeared in STAT News, Insider, Filter Magazine, Ravishly, The Temper, and Shondaland. She is the founder of popular site Liv’s Recovery Kitchen. She lives near Portland, Oregon. Follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

A couple cooking together. Three delicious bulk recipes

Three Delicious Bulk Recipes

Olivia Pennelle loves cooking. She particularly enjoys experimenting with new recipes, especially ones with punchy and fresh flavors. Cooking and getting creative in the kitchen

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Lone astronaut

Depression in Recovery

I’ve grappled with depression since childhood. It would manifest in feelings of hopelessness, low mood, lethargy, isolation, and a sense of despair. I didn’t want to do anything and family would complain that no one could please me. I was difficult to be around — even I didn’t want to be in my company. 

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Wrapped gift with a gingham bow

How to Cope with Difficult Families Over the Holidays.

The holiday season can be challenging, especially if you’re new to recovery. Our routine becomes disrupted as we cram lots of social events into an increasingly busy schedule, and we can struggle to navigate challenging family dynamics without numbing agents.

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