Olivia Pennelle

Olivia Pennelle is a writer, journalist, and recovery activist. Her work has appeared in STAT News, Insider, Filter Magazine, Ravishly, The Temper, and Shondaland. She is the founder of popular site Liv’s Recovery Kitchen. She lives near Portland, Oregon. Follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

A young woman consults her phone as she stirs a saucepan

Weight Gain in Addiction Recovery

Gaining weight when we get sober is a rite of passage for many of us. Why do we gain weight in early addiction recovery, and how can we accept weight gain, and find solutions?

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Closeup on the clasped hands of two people sitting closely together, facing one another.

How To Tell Your Family About Your Addiction

While some stages of substance use disorder can be hidden, after a while it becomes quite obvious—as much as we like to think we’re great at covering our tracks. Whether your family know or not, telling them can be daunting.

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Surrounded by tall buildings on all sides, the viewer looks upward at the small, square patch of sky that seems very far away. The myth of rock bottom

Why Rock Bottom Might Be A Pervasive Myth

When I started writing this article the concept was to write about the point at which seven of us reached the end of our substance use disorder, and sought help. It was to show others that while that point may have looked different to all of us, we all had mounting consequences and a dire need to seek more for our lives—a life worth living, if you will.

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Standing at the top of a staircase, looking out. The Future of Recovery

The Future of Recovery

When I think about the future of recovery, I’m excited. I feel a sense of wonder about what the recovery movement will do next. In

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