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Daniel D. Maurer

Daniel D. Maurer is a freelance writer, an award-winning Hazelden author, and a public speaker on recovery from addiction. He lives with his family in St. Paul, Minnesota.

A Black father tickles his son, who laughs against his shoulder.

3 Gifts Of Sober Parenting

The good news is that finding recovery and working hard are worth it. It’s more than making up for lost time; parenting in recovery realigns the parental instincts a person naturally should embody. For me, recovery made me the parent I was meant to be. The benefits far outweigh the damage I did in the past, and I’ve moved on. It still takes work though.

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A path through the desert with fencing on either side. A rainbow shines in the distance.

Building Healthier Boundaries in Sobriety

If you’re like me, the gap between healthy boundaries and unhealthy boundaries isn’t at all difficult to measure. Unhealthy boundaries generally equates with no boundaries. And, well, healthy boundaries are for the other idiots who don’t realize that you don’t need boundaries!

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Prescription pad against a purple background, with an overlay of a swirl of translucent purple. Prescription pill addiction

Tricky, Tricky—Prescription Pills & Addiction

What are the signs of addiction you should look for with prescription painkillers, stimulants, or benzos? More importantly, what do you have to gain by genuinely reflecting on your own use (or abuse) of pills and taking action to release yourself from their deadly grip?

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Boredom—Problem Itself or Symptom of Something Else?

From one recovering addict to another, I want you to know that I get it. I understand you, because I’m a lot like you. The fact is that if there were one trait I had to name that every person struggling with addiction owned, I’d have to say it’s our tendency to become easily bored. That, and also thrill seeking, I suppose. But they are related.

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Men’s Work, Life, and Recovery

Most men strongly correlate what they do in their work life with their identity. What’s the problem? Well, when you’re looking at addiction or other life crises, it matters a lot. Because there’s nothing like an addiction or another major life challenge to turn not just your life upside down, but your job.

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Getting Sober Together

Are there principles you can look to if you’re trying to get sober while your partner is as well? Does it ever work? And what pitfalls should you look out for? Here is a simple list of the most important essentials for laying a foundation to find recovery while you’re in a relationship.

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