Amy Dresner

Amy Dresner is a journalist, author, and former comedian as well as a recovering addict and alcoholic. She has been a columnist for the addiction/recovery magazine since 2012 and has freelanced for, Psychology Today, and many other publications. Her first book, “My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean,” was published by Hachette in 2017 to rave reviews from critics and readers alike, and is currently in development for a TV series.


When A Friend Relapses

Over 25 years in and out of treatment centers and programs, I’ve had a lot of friends relapse. Sometimes I think I handled it well.

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Metal sculpture of a person in a boat lifting another person from the water. Addiction recovery is life or death

Can Sobriety Be Both a Health Trend and a Matter of Life or Death?

Months ago I innocently tweeted: “I’m all down with the new sobriety/sober movement but please let’s not forget among the mocktails, the trendiness and the tees with cutesy slogans that for many of us, sobriety wasn’t a health trend, lifestyle choice or a socio-political statement but a matter of life and death.”

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Amy Dresner, author of ‘My Fair Junkie,’ Talks Family, Sex Addiction, And Coping Tools

Amy Dresner’s memoir ‘My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean‘ is the addiction memoir everyone’s talking about. In My Fair Junkie, Amy recounts the grim places addiction to drugs, alcohol, and sex took her. I snagged some of Amy’s time to ask her a few questions about the small victories she celebrates today at 5 years sober, how her family feels about the memoir, and more.

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