The 24 Hour Self-Love Reset That You Should Try

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A Simple Guide To Raising Self-Esteem After Addiction

Self-love goes beyond Valentine’s Day. So, whether you were coupled up or went stag this year for Valentine’s Day, you’re already on the most important date ever. It’s called your life, and it’s a date planned by you, for you.

Pampering yourself like you would a crush can be tricky, but we’re here to remind you that self-love is one of the best loves. Whether you were Galentine’s Day-ing it up or abstained from V-day celebrations entirely, follow these tips any day of the year, and fall in love with yourself all over again:

Find Morning Time

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier, and find time for a morning activity you enjoy. If you love to sip coffee on your porch, make time for it. Want to get in some stretching? Make it happen. Prioritize a morning ritual that puts your mind right, rather than sets you into a frantic pace.

Make a List

And then toss it out. Give yourself freedom to complete one or two clearly attainable goals, and let the rest go. Do as much as you can, as well as you can. Call that good enough. And mean it.

Let Your Eye Be A Camera

And take in the wonder of the world around you. Does this mean you need to abandon your apartment for the Alps? Naw, it means you can capture beauty and joy in the simplest things. Even if you aren’t an artist, you can appreciate the way light falls against a counter top. Freeze the frame, take it in, and move on.

Drift Away

Been meaning to call back that old friend for months, and feeling guilty that you just haven’t made the time? Give yourself permission to be too busy and drift apart. Work on developing your more current, vibrant, thriving connections. Embrace those that kindle your internal flames, and if someone doesn’t spark them, let yourself move on.

Listen to Your Mind

Practice a simple meditation exercise where you sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Let your thoughts come and go, but don’t assign any judgement to them. Watch your thoughts lapping in your mind like waves on a beach. Do this for 1-2 minutes in spare moments. Meditation doesn’t need to get crazy. It can be that simple.

Treat Your Body

Hey, we’re not talking anything extravagant. Soak your toes in the tub, massage your shoulders with a tennis ball, or rest your eyes under a cool compress. If you want to go bigger, by all means, book that facial. Acts of self-love can be simple and delightful.

Turn Off Social Media

If you find yourself scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, put your phone away. Talk a walk, cook yourself dinner, or play with your pup.

List Your Love

Oh self, how do you love thee? Make a list of your positive attributes. Keep it posted somewhere you can see each day, like on a mirror, closet door, or bathroom wall. If your ideas feel cheesy, keep going until you find something that feels real for you and you feel proud of. It’s in there.

Get to Bed

Tuck yourself in an hour earlier than you normally do, and then turn off all your screens. Give yourself time to decompress. Instead of counting sheep, count things you are grateful for as you fall asleep.

In case of cabin depressurization on a flight, attendants encourage us to put on our own oxygen mask, and then help others with their own. Love is like this. You need to take in big deep breaths of your own self-love before you are able to offer that sort of love back out into the world. Self-care may not be as exciting as Tinder, but it’s completely necessary and (possibly) more fun. Have the best date ever—one with yourself.

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