Kali Lux

Kali Lux is a consumer marketing leader with a focus on healthcare and wellness. She has over a decade of experience in building and operating metrics-driven brand, demand generation, and customer experience teams. A founding member of Workit Health’s team and a person in recovery herself, she’s passionate about fighting stigma and developing strategies that allow more people access to quality treatment at the moment they’re ready for help.

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How to Quit Drinking Without Going to AA

Want to quit drinking without AA? Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is free, accessible, and simple. But it’s no longer the only house on the block. There are endless options to try for support and guidance if you’d struggling with alcohol.

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Three white, metal First Aid kits with red cross logos on the front of them. The background is a white counter against a white wall.

Opiate Withdrawal Remedies

Going through opiate withdrawal is rough. With many drugs, choosing to quit is the hard part. With opiates, choosing to quit is the first part of a difficult, but life-changing decision.

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A felt heart that has been cut jaggedly in half and stitched back together. Break up with drugs and begin your life.

Break Up With Drugs and Begin Your Life

Quitting drugs is like any breakup. You’ve got to have your friends sit you down and tell you why that asshole wasn’t good for you, even when you can’t stop thinking about that one time you kissed in the rain and it felt like everything. You’ve got to have constant reminders, in those early times, of why something that became all you could think about moment to moment wasn’t good for you. I’m here to give you those reminders, or at least the ones that worked for me when I quit.

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