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Debbie’s Story

After nearly 15 years of daily prescription opiate use, Debbie's health was wrecked. Finding Workit Health gave her a way to recover that fits her life.  

When I first found Workit Health, I was addicted to opiates.

I took opiates every day for almost 15 years. I didn’t believe I was an addict simply because I was prescribed them by a doctor.  I found myself watching the clock for when I could take my next dose. It seemed as if they weren’t taking the pain away anymore.

I quit being active or caring about myself. I gained 160 pounds. I had heart disease. I was getting to where I couldn’t take care of myself. I couldn’t even walk anymore! Even though my heart was bad, the doctor said the opiates weren’t the cause. They had no idea what was wrong with me. In my heart, I knew it was the drugs and my addiction and it was killing me.

It was time. I had to make a change.

I was so addicted that I couldn’t tell my doctor and ask for help. I would run out of my medicine and then buy some off the street because the withdrawals were so hard, especially on my heart.

I had a friend who was on Suboxone, and one day they came over. I was having a rough day and I was going through withdrawals. They talked to me about trying Suboxone. I was scared at first because of all the things I had heard, but let me tell you: Suboxone is a miracle! It has made me feel normal. For the first time in a very long time, I felt normal. Drug-free and withdrawal-free. I knew I had to make this happen if I wanted my life back.

My health and relations with my family had deteriorated, and so had my bank account. I knew I wasn’t brave enough to talk to my doctor, so I decided to sabotage my drug test so he’d have to take me off. That’s exactly what I did! When I got home, I immediately went online looking for a doctor that would help me. I found Workit Health.

I couldn’t believe there was a way to do it without actually going in to see a doctor face-to-face!

That was a blessing to me because I have chronic PTSD and extreme panic disorder and anxiety. I knew if I had to go in face-to-face, I’d probably keep buying opiates off the street.

When I first talked to Workit, I told them all of this and they still took me in as a patient. I could tell they really wanted to help me. I’ve now been with Workit Health for over 2 years. Within the first couple of months, I could already feel a difference in my health. So far, I’ve lost 105 pounds and I’m walking a lot more.

I feel like I have a future now, where before I just knew I was going die.

A lot of people I know or have spoken with in Ohio have anxiety or health problems, or even transportation issues that prevent them from seeing a doctor face-to-face. Workit Health is perfect for people like that! For people like me. The doctors are great. The groups are what helped me through the first year. I learned so much going to the groups.

Where I live is very heavy with drugs, and there are a lot of homeless people because of it.  I talk to them about Workit Health, and I hope and pray one day they’ll get the help they need also. I’m also about ready to come off of Suboxone myself. Even if I don’t and I have to take it for the rest of my life, I’m fine with that because it saved my life. I’m so thankful for Workit Health.

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