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10 Great Addiction Recovery Blogs Worth Following

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Blogging is a different kind of animal. 

Sort of social media, sort of magazine, the blog really is whatever the blogger wants to make it.

There are great resources out there for people who are struggling with addiction. Here is a list of blogs to follow. They can help you find an online community. These are bloggers, pure and simple; they share their experience. These are sites that post regularly, at least once a month. And they post solution-based insights with humor, heart, and honesty.

Walking in Sober Boots: 

I connected with Damian’s writing immediately. And because of our proximity, I’ve had the privilege of becoming his friend in real life. What I enjoy most about his writing is the depth of his analysis. Damian is a thinker. His blog is a thinking man’s guide to recovery. Not one step is taken lightly. I appreciate the different ways he approaches recovery. He finds his own way up the mountain so it is worthwhile to follow. 

Untipsy Teacher:

Wendy is a retired school teacher. She is another blogger I am proud to know in real life. While she lives a few thousand miles away, Wendy is always making sacrifices to put her recovery first in her life. Her posts include explorations of nature, cooking, travel. But I think her writing and takeaways from life are best described as joyful. It is hard to leave her blog without feeling a piece of the gratitude that she exudes on the page. 

Fit Recovery:

If you are looking to get active, hop on your bike and follow Jim. He posts frequently about the joys of hobby-building. His thing is cycling. But his love of life and passion for sobriety makes the blog a good read for anyone. His posts also have a great sense of humor.


Anne keeps it real. Really real. Sometimes the truth can be really offensive, but she finds a way to make write it gracefully. Anne is a tremendous supporter of other bloggers as well. She posts frequently about exactly what is going on in with her. I think of blogging as “live literature” and Anne is a great example of what live literature reads like. 


Great name, right? They say once a cucumber becomes a pickle, the transformation can’t be undone. I’ve heard people explain their descent into alcoholism and addiction the same way. Problem drinkers and occasional users become alcoholics and addicts. So this blog, in that sense, does the impossible. What it does best, in my opinion, is help the newcomer. The writing is straightforward and kind-hearted. The blog is a great place to visit for practical tips on how to stay sober. 

Sober Courage:

Magz is a great voice in the recovery blogosphere. Her posts remain current and true to herself. She pauses, reflects on where she is in her journey, and offers advice. If you’re someone who is tired of reading cold clinical advice, stop by Sober Courage for some real down-to-earth experience and practical help.

A Hangover Free Life:

A Hangover Free Life is a completely unique space on the internet. Posts often involve pop culture references and different media. Most recently, a sober advent calendar was posted each day leading up to Christmas. 

The Sober Senorita:

Kelly Fitzgerald has been blogging fearlessly for years. A real advocate for social acceptance for sobriety, Fitzgerald’s post are bold and very well-written. She’s parlayed her blog into a career of writing, marketing, and coaching.

Night Shade Gallery:

Robert Crisp is the most talented writer I’ve come across in this blogging journey. His posts range in genre and content, but they all–especially his poetry–help put a little grace and beauty into this recovery process. 

Mrs. D’s Living Sober:

Lotta Dann has been blogging her journey since 2011. She has since formed a community of sober people who are helpful and supportive. And as she continues to expand her fields and interests, she posts about it. Her writing is always honest and inspirational.


Mark David Goodson is a writer whose debut novel is in the works. He maintains a popular recovery blog called the Miracle of the Mundane, which celebrates the simple sober life. His writing has been featured in The Fix, After Party Magazine, and Recovery Today. An English Teacher by day, he lives with his wife and soon-to-be three children in Maryland.

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