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7 Reasons An Alcohol-Free St. Patrick’s Day Is Lucky

Today is one of the biggest drinking-oriented holidays of the year, making it tough for some of our sober stars out there. In that spirit, here’s a Workit-style perspective switcher: let’s celebrate some reasons sobriety is lucky!

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A Simple Guide for Sobriety on St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today is one of the biggest drinking-oriented holidays of the year, making it tough for some of our sober stars out there. In that spirit, here’s a Workit-style perspective switcher: let’s celebrate some reasons sobriety is lucky! “I make my own luck” is right!

#1: You’re safer, so is everyone else.

You don’t have to fear alcohol poisoning, drug overdoses, or other injuries that so commonly surround the festivities. You don’t even have to fear a hangover! Plus, today has one of the most notoriously high drunk driving rates of the year. Thank you for not contributing to it! Three cheers to you for saving lives!

#2: You don’t have to be embarrassed tomorrow.

You’ve likely seen some cringe-worthy shenanigans go down on past Saint Patrick’s days, whether you’ve participated in the festivities or not. Your sobriety is the awesome lucky charm that will allow you to wake up tomorrow with a clear head and peaceful conscience.

#3: In the sober person’s pot of gold: a full sized, functioning brain.

The science that makes headlines tends to overblow the benefits of moderate drinking, or focus on the damages we do by heavy drinking. But what about the benefits of sobriety? There are a ton, especially for the brain! Here’s a golden finding to get you started: in just 2 weeks of detoxing, your brain actually gets bigger!  But most sober people don’t need science to tell them that going booze-free is better for their brain functioning; they live with the benefits every day.

#4: You can still get in on all the good green stuff.

Some research suggests that alcoholics and addicts are more given to “sensation-seeking”, risk-tolerance, and novel experiences. Well, you don’t need green beer to get a whole new sensational experience on Saint Paddy’s day! From green river dye to parades to corned beef and cabbage, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in an emerald new world this weekend. Figuring out what makes you excited sober basically means upping your standards.

#5: Getting drunk is not the lucky part of being Irish!

Anyone who has themselves gone through the hell and back that is addiction, or had a loved one go through that hell (and sometimes not come back) knows that alcoholism is a grave and often tragic issue. “Do I drink because I’m Irish, or am I Irish because I drink” sounds a little less funny after alcoholism kills a loved one. And heavy drinking is actually not something that Ireland is psyched about owning either, with the World Health Organization reporting it ramps up healthcare costs and fatalities.

#6: You’re the stuff of Irish blessings:

“May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire.”

Tea beside the fire is the key here! But seriously, there’s so much beautiful Irish literature and so many blessings out there and plenty (the majority perhaps) do not involve booze at all.

#7: You’re helping others stay sober.

That includes people who have had or have alcohol problems, and young ones in your life. Parental modeling and behavior around alcohol are key predictors to how children will drink during adolescence and even into adulthood. Say it with me: “Kiss me, I’m sober! (And maybe Irish too!).”

So there you have it. Hats off to everyone in our wonderful Workit community staying sober today and this weekend! You’re a good luck charm to us all!

Cassandra McIntosh is a Workit Health contributor. She brings a unique mix of expertise drawn from her background in counseling psychology, socio-organizational psychology and consumer insights.

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