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Cassandra McIntosh

Cassandra McIntosh is a Workit Health contributor. She brings a unique mix of expertise drawn from her background in counseling psychology, socio-organizational psychology and consumer insights.

Ancient Roman statue of Laocoön and His Sons, struggling against serpents. Cope with public tragedy

How To Cope With Public Tragedy

Numerous studies have linked the stress caused by disastrous events to substance use and heightened risk of relapse for those in recovery. Thus, now is the time to safeguard your sobriety and batten down the hatches on your mental health in general!

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A man and woman face away from each otehr unhappily. Why is my addicted loved one being a jerk?

Why Is My Addicted Loved One Being A Jerk?

The truth is, there are actually many excellent reasons for your loved one acting less than lovely in the throes of addiction. Addiction is a disease that’s practically perfect for bringing out your beloved’s inner beast.

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Two young men sitting cross-legged on the ground, talking. Talking to A Loved One About Their Pain Med Problem

5 Steps For Talking to a Loved One About Their Pain Med Problem

Maybe it’s just a hunch, or maybe you’re absolutely certain — your loved one is struggling with pain meds, a.k.a. opioids, the term most often used in terrifying headlines ripping through the nation lately. So how do you talk to them about it in the most constructive, helpful way possible?

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The Friendly Sober Skies: 10 Tips for Sober Air Travel This Season

Even those of us who “love traveling” would be hard-pressed to say that we love commercial air-transit, with its recycled air, tarmac wait times, and the TSA (with all due respect TSA, but c’mon). No worries though, your trip needn’t compromise your sobriety. We’ve rounded up some tried and true tips from our Workit team. 

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Addictive Behaviors Are Impacting Your Workforce And Your Bottom Line

Reality is, a huge number of people in the workforce struggle with addictive behaviors; over 20 million met the criteria for substance use disorders in 2014 (according to SAMHSA). That’s around 8% of the population, and only includes those who meet the full diagnostic criteria. Millions more struggle with risky use and other addictions.

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Narcan: The Med, The Myth, the Legend!

Tomorrow is National Overdose Awareness Day, and we can’t talk about overdose without talking about Narcan (naloxone) as well. It’s the powerful, life-saving medication that, like almost everything to do with addiction treatment, has inspired a lot of controversy and confusion.

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Closeup of holding hands by linking pinkies together.

How Cutting Down on Drinking Can Help Your Relationship

The media can make a mess out of reporting when it comes to “research”, and alcohol-related headlines are no exception. Case in point: this past summer certain press outlets had a field day reporting on this study, based on a poll of around 5,000 people. In a nutshell, it found that older, married couples were likely to have similar drinking habits.

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