Workit Counselor Is Your Newest Program Upgrade

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Workit Health Now Offers Online Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Workit Health is a multi-tiered system of recovery, devoted to learning and growing along with our patients. We’re updating our services. Why?

Because we want to honor the education and experience of the counselors we have on staff, and because we want to make sure everyone has the additional support they need.

Introducing Workit Counselor!

Workit Counselor includes our science-backed, personalized treatment program to help you kick addiction and live sober.

What’s different? You’ll be able to book weekly, one-on-one therapy sessions with a dedicated counselor to keep you on track. You’ll also have unlimited messaging capability with your counselor through our mobile and web-based app.

In addition, you’ll have a personalized curriculum of engaging online courses that help you learn skills to stay in track in sobriety.

Workit Counselor is now available in Michigan and California. So what are you waiting for?

Our other programs:

Workit Coach

Workit Coach includes science-backed, online courses that help you kick your addictions, handle your cravings, and cope with emotions in sobriety.

You’ll have 24/7 access to a recovery coach with the unlimited messaging capability through our online web app. We’re here to help you moderate or quit. Set your own goals, and we’ll help you meet them.

Workit Clinic

We’re in the midst of an opioid crisis, and at Workit, we’re hell bent on doing whatever we can to turn the tides on the epidemic. To us, this means launching rapid access clinics, currently available in Michigan and California, utilizing every tool available to help people in need get off heroin, pain pills, or other opiates.

Workit Clinic includes medication like Suboxone or Vivitrol. An experienced clinician will stabilize you in-person one the best medication to help you detox and prevent post-use brain chemical drain. After the initial visits, you’ll be able to switch over to telehealth communications with your doctor, plus e-prescriptions.

In addition to medication, Workit Clinic includes online recovery groups with a certified counselor and others in recovery to keep you on track, motivated, and focused. And it includes our online program, the foundation of Workit, which focuses on living sober from your Body, to your Mind, Heart, and Spirit, to your Tribe, those around you.

Ready for a better way to get better? Let’s Workit.

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