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Here’s how it works

No waiting lines, no travel, just easy streamlined virtual recovery care.

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1. Schedule an appointment

It only takes 3 minutes. Download our app and answer a few questions about your treatment goals, then schedule your first appointment.

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2. Attend an orientation

Meet with your dedicated Care Coach to complete your sign up by getting oriented to your treatment plan and steps.

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3. Get the support you need

Message your care team anytime you’re struggling, and talk with a trained therapist or coach when needed. Work through courses written by experts, designed to help you learn coping tools and understand your behavior.

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Better care from the comfort of home


See our clinicians and counselors from the privacy of home. Message your care team through our safe and secure app.


Workit accepts some insurance plans for care. If insurance isn’t an option, our out-of-pocket costs are one-tenth those of inpatient treatment.


We bring FDA-approved medication, clinical support, and the latest therapeutic techniques to your phone.

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