Helaina Hovitz 

Helaina Hovitz is an editor, journalist, and author of After 9/11. She has written for The New York Times, Salon, Glamour, Teen Vogue, VICE, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, Women’s Health, The New York Observer and many others. She is also Editorial Director of Headlines for the Hopeful.

Austin Cooper of Sober Evolution holds a coffee mug that reads "Sober since 4/10/13"

What This Influencer Wants You To Know About Being A Man In Recovery

Austin Cooper, 29, of Orlando, Florida, is on a mission to help recovering alcoholics and addicts by spreading positive messages to those who need to hear it most as widely as he can. His social media movement, Sober Evolution, is saturated with motivational quotes and ripe with discussions among those in the recovery community who want to support one another. Right now, he’s gearing up to travel from city to city while documenting stories of those who have achieved success after overcoming problems with alcoholism and addiction. On his rise from rock bottom, he has tried to pay it forward by giving back what was so freely given to him to anyone with access to the Internet and a desire to get clean.

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Marv, fitness coach and founder of One Rep at a Time, smiles at the camera

Taking It ‘One Rep At A Time’: An Interview with O.R. Marv

“One Rep” Marv, 31, of San Diego, California says he found his purpose after a decade-long battle with addiction: spreading the message that since addiction affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, our physical health must be addressed through fitness and proper nutrition. After three years sober, he quit his day job and started his own company, One Rep at a Time. We chatted with Marv about how he thrives in recovery.

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