Chris McMullen

Chris McMullen is an advocate for the LGBT community, sexual assault awareness, and recovery. He uses his own experience, and wisdom as a platform to help others.

Monthly calendar on a green background. 30 day sobriety guide

30 Day Sobriety Guide

The idea of being sober for thirty days can be a daunting task. Here is a list of things you can do to get through your first thirty days of sobriety.

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Audio cassette tape. Relapse is not the end

Relapse is Not the End

What happens when you relapse in recovery? Chris McMullen is here to share 6 reasons why people usually relapse. Remember it’s not the end.

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Chris McMullen, sharing his experience as a gay man of color in recovery.

I’m More Than a Statistic

These last few weeks, just like many others, have been heavy-hearted. The news is filled with negativity and hate. Social media is filled with opinions of all sorts. So many statistics are being thrown out left and right. Between racism, unemployment, gun control, COVID, the number of statistics out is astronomical.

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