Beth Leipholtz

Beth Leipholtz is the founder of Life to be Continued, a blog about the realities of getting sober young. She writes about her own experience falling into substance use disorder and how she found her way back out. Beth also works as a web designer and photographer in Minnesota. Follow her on Instagram @beth_leipholtz and on Twitter @el9292.

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4 Sober Dating Tips: What To Do If They Drink, And You Don’t

Upon getting sober, many people may wonder what is going to happen to their dating life.It’s so common to meet up at a bar for a first date, or grab a glass of wine with dinner at a nice restaurant. In fact, most people don’t think twice about it. So when you stop drinking, how do you keep dating?

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7 Misconceptions About Recovery

When Beth Leipholtz thinks back to early recovery, the thought of reaching a month, 6 months, a year seemed insurmountable. She had so many images in my head of what recovery was sure to look like, and why she would hate it.  Over the past 7 years, it’s become obvious that many of those images in my mind were misconceptions. Here are a few of the biggest ones. 

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How to Support Loved Ones in Recovery Over the Holidays

It’s that time of year again: the holiday season is upon us. Though most people enjoy these few months and the involved festivities, all the togetherness and family time can be anxiety-inducing and stressful for some — especially those in recovery from a substance use disorder. 

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5 Ways to Make Sure Halloween in Recovery Isn’t Scary

If you’ve been sober, whether for a long period of time or a short while, you’ve likely had to deal with facing a holiday while in recovery. Doing so can feel like an intimidating, daunting task, especially when drinking-heavy holidays like Halloween make their way around.

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