Anna David

Anna David is the founder of Legacy Launch Pad, a best-selling authorspeakerbook reviewer, and podcaster. She wrote a novel about addiction and suddenly found herself being featured on shows like Today, GMA, and The Talk, booking TEDx talks, and being profiled in publications like the Daily Beast, HuffPo, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Now she oversees a team that writes and publishes books to help our clients achieve similar results.

A person holding their hand up in the flat, palm-out gesture that means "stop."

Why I Stopped Trusting My Brain Implicitly

Once upon a time, I trusted my brain implicitly. Why wouldn’t I? It had kept me alive, after all, and no one had ever told me that this cerebral cortex of mine was unreliable. When my brain told me certain things—say, that I didn’t have feelings for someone anymore, that a friend had wronged me or that my boss deserved to get an earful about how dissatisfied I was—I assumed it was correct and acted on those thoughts.

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An origami boat folded from white paper floats in blue water with soft ripples.

How I Learned to Surrender Everything

When I was struggling to get sober, people told me that I needed to surrender. All I could picture when they said that was a white flag, as well as one of those trust exercises where you’re instructed to fall back into the arms of people you may have just met at some Trust-Building self-empowerment weekend event.It also just meant confusion. How, I wondered, are you supposed to surrender? What does that even mean?

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