Podcasts to Inspire You in Recovery

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Having resources to help keep you inspired during your recovery is a key part of the recovery process.

Check out these great podcasts while you’re working, cleaning the house, or even working out!

The Sober Guy Podcast

The sober guy podcast is full of inspiration and is here to show you that life can still be enjoyed clean and sober.

The Bubble Hour

The bubble hour podcast is hosted by Jean, a woman in recovery from alcoholism who is striving to break down the walls and negativity surrounding alcoholism.

Recovery Radio

Recovery radio is an information packed radio program focusing on discussing what addiction is and will help answer questions you may have about addiction. This is a great resource for loved ones seeking information.

Clean and Sober Radio

Clean and sober radio is a radio program that premiers a new show every Friday at 3p.m. The program has guests each month to help discuss the effects addiction has on families, friends, society as a whole, and helps focus on recovery. This is also a great show for families seeking information and support.

Real Sobriety Podcast

The real sobriety podcast focuses on the different stages of recovery with a different topic every episode.

Breaking Free

This brand new podcast is hosted by Olivia Penelle who has written for Workit’s blog and her CO-Host Tiffany Thoen, RN talk about what being in recovery means and how to begin an independent life while in recovery.


The amount of addiction recovery podcast resources seems to be endless! Here are some other great podcasts to check out:

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