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Professions in Recovery

Your job makes a big difference in your life, influencing your opportunities, responsibilities … and your substance use. From first responders to teachers to legal professionals to construction workers, we support the recovery of people with professional challenges.  

Medical professionals

Doctors, nurses, and other members of healthcare professions are, to some extent, put on a pedestal in our society. Despite this occupational awe, these professionals experience substance use disorder (SUD) at similar rates to the rest of the population. Healthcare workers are often unwilling to seek treatment due to stigma and fear of professional sanctions.

Busy hospital hallway. Healthcare professionals struggle with addiction too
Lawyer consulting Client

Legal professionals

Intelligence, training, and competence are no defense against addiction. Lawyers struggle with substance use disorder at the same rate as laypeople, and are twice as significantly more likely to have alcohol use disorder. 

First responders

First responders carry the weight of so many lives. The pressures of their work make them susceptible to addiction and mental health disorders. We understand these stresses, as well as the challenges that can keep them from seeking treatment

Male professional firefighter in gear and on the job
Man working in a kitchen

Hospitality & service industry

Hotels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks … the hospitality and service industry is full of fun and excitement for its customers. But the workers who provide that fun use alcohol and illicit drugs at the highest rates of any profession. 


Teachers are the backbone of our nation, but the pressures being overworked, underpaid, and under public scrutiny can make them susceptible to substance use and mental health disorders. 

Construction and trade

Construction is difficult, physical work that wears on a body. Perhaps it’s no surprise that many of the people in this industry use alcohol and drugs to relax after work and to soothe their pain. Unfortunately, for some this leads to dependence and addiction, and they face obstacles to getting help.

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