Take your life back
from opioid addiction. 

Treat opioid addiction at home with medication (Suboxone) and expert online therapy.

Coming soon to New Jersey!

Join the many happy Workit Health members in Michigan receiving treatment at our Suboxone program.

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Our Suboxone program is online after a single in-person visit in Ann Arbor.

Connect face to face with your Suboxone doctor using a phone, tablet, or computer. Skip the waiting room.

Just like a traditional rehab, you will meet with clinicians, stay on track with coaching, join recovery groups, and complete addiction courses built by experts — all from the privacy of your own home. 

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Workit Health New Jersey

1544 Kuser Rd, Ste C9
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Tel: (609) 474-0106
Email: hello@workithealth.com

Serving ALL of New Jersey

Located in Hamilton, serving all of New Jersey via telehealth after a single in-person visit, including Trenton, Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, and Passaic.

What Our Members Say About Workit Health

Workit is a refreshing new take on rehab that will help many people with addiction! Very flexible, private, and realistic. By far one of the coolest new approaches to help fight addiction!
— Workit Clinic Member
“Workit has changed my life in so many ways. I was trapped in the cycle of addiction and in-patient rehab wasn’t an option for me because I have a family to support. I needed treatment that would flow with my life, not uproot my life.
— Workit Clinic Member

Workit Health Offers Expert Addiction Care in New Jersey

Dr. Leonard, MD


Dr. Leonard is an emergency medicine physician and clinical professor with extensive experience in ED-based harm reduction and a passion for growing next-generation healthcare technologies to effectively serve the needs of diverse populations.

As a community emergency physician, I see firsthand the damage opioid addiction has caused to patients and their families. Workit Health has a working solution that patients can incorporate into their lives. I am excited and appreciative to better our community with a great team.
— Paul Leonard, MD

Lisa McLaughlin, MSW


Lisa McLaughlin is an advocate for patient-led design and precision prevention models. She has 10+ years on executive leadership teams, and 7 years academic experience in psychiatry, design, information science, and UX. Lisa is in long-term recovery from addiction.

New Jersey has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, and we’re proud to be providing life-saving, low-barrier digital care in the Trenton area and beyond. We are so honored to have the opportunity to deliver access to the best treatments available from clinical experts to all New Jersey residents seeking an on-demand recovery model that fits their busy lives.
— Lisa McLaughlin, MSI/MSW

Suboxone Basics


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