Moderate or quit drinking from home for Michigan residents​

How our virtual alcohol rehab works


Naltrexone or Acamprosate Treatment

We prescribe naltrexone (ReVia) or acamprosate (Campral) to help to reduce your alcohol cravings.

Medication is administered as a part of our complete treatment program, which includes behavioral therapies, coursework, and support groups.


Virtual Doctor’s Appointments

All our clinician visits are online and hosted through our HIPAA compliant app. Like any doctor’s appointment, our providers will check in with you and monitor your health throughout your treatment. The only difference is that it is all online.


Online Therapy

Recovery can be complicated and unpredictable. That’s why our counselors are available online, so you have access to support when you need it most.

Trained in addiction recovery, they are available to listen, provide tools, and offer advice that makes a difference.

100% virtual substance use treatment available now in Michigan


Accepted Insurances

We work hard to reduce the cost of our program. Here are some of our partnerships.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Anthem BCBS, Blue Care Network, Priority Health, UnitedHealthcare, Health Alliance Plan, Cigna Corporation,
Aetna, VA Community Care Network (Optum), and McLaren Health Plan

Meridian Health Plan of Michigan, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Michigan, State Medicaid, Blue Cross Complete of Michigan, McLaren Health Plan, Priority Health Choice, Aetna Better Health of Michigan, Cigna Medicaid, and HAP Empowered

Medicare Original, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Priority Health, Health Alliance Plan, Aetna Medicare, Cigna Medicare, and UnitedHealthcare Medicare

A flat fee for care is available for those out-of-network or who prefer not to use insurance.

Double-check if we accept your plan with our insurance checker.

In a world that lacks simple, patient-centered, and evidence-based addiction care, Workit breaks down barriers as fast as anyone can build them.

You've got questions? We have answers

Naltrexone affects the pleasure-center in the brain. The medication can reduce the euphoric effects of alcohol, reduce cravings for alcohol, and reduce heavy drinking days.

It is always up to the discretion of our clinician to prescribe medication. As long as you’re a good fit for our program, you will receive medication e-prescribed to a pharmacy near you the same day as your visit.

You will meet with a Workit Clinician directly through the Workit Health web or phone app. Login to your account at your scheduled appointment time, and choose to join your provider’s meeting room. Our in-app video conferencing is HIPAA compliant and totally secure.

Yes, all prescriptions for medication for alcohol use disorder are always always offered with a corresponding digital support and education program. Through the Workit Health app, you will be able to join online recovery groups and work through therapeutic courses. As naltrexone is effective treatment for alcohol use disorder with or without counseling, the support options aren’t required.

The signup process is 100% confidential and takes less than 5 minutes. Sign up and schedule your appointment directly online: Start Now

If you prefer, you can speak with one of our Patient Navigators to get started by calling 734-329-5419 from 9am to 7pm EST.

Just like your in-person doctor’s office, at Workit Health we take your privacy seriously. Workit Health’s HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified, WCAG-accessible, and SOC 2 Type II compliant program is an industry leader in telehealth care. We will never release your information to anyone without your permission.

For any additional questions, give us a call

Frequently asked questions

Can naltrexone really help me drink less?

Alcohol use disorder has historically been really hard to treat. In the past, the only option was 12 step programs, which can be effective but don’t work for everybody. Today, naltrexone is a medication that we can use that helps with the cravings for alcohol. It’s easy to take, and there are few side effects. It’s quite effective in helping people to avoid picking up that first drink.

Dr. Kevin Armington

Workit Physician, Board Member of Office of Alcoholism and Substance Use Services

What can I expect from the Workit program? 

Through Workit, you’ll meet with a clinician and develop a therapeutic relationship with them. You’ll have the support of a counselor. You’re not going to feel alone out there. We have groups you join and courses that you can do that are fun and not like being in school. It’s supportive. It’s a little something you carry in your pocket.


Dorothy Moore

Workit Nurse Practitioner, Assistant Professor at San Jose State University

Is telemedicine an effective way to treat addiction? 

With telemedicine, you can get the treatment that you need from the comfort of your home. Not everyone can find a babysitter to get to get to a treatment center. Workit Health was one of the first innovative providers to offer telehealth even before COVID. I love being able to reach out to people who need help wherever they are.


Janessa Perrin

Head of Behavioral Health, Master's of Social Work from University of Michigan