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Reflections on a Dual Pandemic:
Workit Health’s Journey

The need for virtual addiction care has never been higher. Here’s what we’ve learned at Workit Health along the way.
Robin McIntosh
CEO and Co-Founder

I founded Workit Health with my friend Lisa McLaughlin eight years ago. At the time, I wanted to create a better recovery experience than the one I’d had when I got sober.

Since then, the pandemic fundamentally changed the way we receive healthcare in America. Overdose rates, exacerbated by the stress and isolation of the pandemic, spiked to over 100,000 live lost each year. At Workit Health, many of us are in recovery ourselves. For us, this is deeply personal. We believe all people struggling with substance use disorders deserve access to affordable, accessible, non-judgmental treatment.

Workit Health’s growth is driven by the demand for simple, empowering care that works. We’re meeting a critical need at a critical time. We now offer clinical care in twenty states and accept over 200 health plans. Our frontline providers, the heart of the company, complete over 10,000 video visits a month. But we see our work as just beginning.

At 19 months into the dual pandemics of America’s mental health crisis and COVID-19, we’d like to take this opportunity to share our learnings on the challenges we’ve faced as a business, and the opportunities we see for the future of virtual addiction care.

Over the weeks ahead, Dr. Justin Coffey, Workit Health’s Chief Medical Officer, and I will share insights into our philosophy of care. A core component of Workit Health’s mission is transparency. We understand that healthcare is complicated and substance use disorder treatment even more so. With our members and our staff at the center of our focus, we’re constantly striving to create a better recovery experience. We look forward to sharing insights on the most impactful components of our treatment.

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