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Our telemedicine* Suboxone clinicians are dedicated to helping you feel better

*The state of Ohio may require a single in-person appointment to begin medication-assisted treatment for opioids.

All the benefits of Suboxone care, from the privacy of home

Workit Health’s online Suboxone treatment program offers video visits with compassionate clinicians

Workit Health’s easy-to-use app brings the expertise of in-person medically-assisted treatment to the privacy of your home. Meet with licensed Suboxone doctors and nurse practitioners via video, and message your care team directly through the app. Medication is e-prescribed to your local pharmacy.

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Yes, this is 100% legal and legit. Our clinicians are licensed and trained through the DEA to prescribe buprenorphine/naloxone. We require drug testing, also done virtually, and it’s always up to our clinicians to prescribe after a thorough virtual evaluation.*

*The state of Ohio may require a single in-person appointment to begin medication-assisted treatment for opioids, but all follow-up treatment takes place online.

Currently, our Suboxone program is available in Michigan, California, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, Minnesota, and Alaska

We’re dedicated to expanding to new states as quickly as possible.

If you live where Workit Health is not yet available, consider our online therapy program for counseling support. Online Therapy is available in all fifty states, and your counselor can help you find a Suboxone provider near you.

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Probably not. Suboxone is a controlled substance, which clinicians need a special waiver to prescribe. General telemedicine practitioners may not be willing or able to prescribe this type of medication. At Workit Health we specialize in evidence-based addiction care like FDA-approved medication to manage withdrawal and cravings, so all of our doctors have the necessary waiver. 

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Suboxone treatment available in multiple states

With multiple clinic locations around the country, we are working to bring the very best care to you.

Online therapy available nationwide.