Introducing Workit Book Club: Now Reading Leslie Jamison’s The Recovering

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At Workit Health, we’re now reading Leslie Jamison’s The Recovering. We’d love it if you joined us.

“I wasn’t quitting because I wanted to quit. I had woken up that morning, just like every other morning, wanting to drink more than I wanted to do anything else. Quitting seemed like the only way I would ever arrive at a life where drinking wasn’t the thing I wanted to do most when I woke up.”

— Leslie Jamison, The Recovering

At Workit Health, we’ve often read books together and discussed them, in a casual team book club. We love patient-centered care, good design, and books. Why not share this love with our community, we decided?

So when our CMO, Dr. Melody Glenn, suggested we all ready Leslie Jamison’s The Recovering, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to start a Workit Book Club. We’d love you to read along with us and comment along the way. Stay tuned for discussion, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for book chat, and more.

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