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Goodbye, 2019: Workit Health’s Year in Review

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Happy New Year! 2019 was another milestone year for Workit Health. Here’s a look back.

Welcome to the 20s! Before we get too far into Dry January, we wanted to take a minute to recap the highs we’ve had at Workit Health in 2019.

2019 was a big year for us, and the members of Workit Health’s digital addiction care programs were at the center of everything. Each story of taking a life back from addiction affirmed the mission that our CEO’s Robin and Lisa envisioned when starting Workit in 2015.

Here’s a few of our favorite Workit Health reviews from 2019:

Five gold stars, like in a rating systemThere is Hope

I’m a 65 yr old functioning opioid addict. Been on and off drugs all my life. The last three years have been heavy usage. I’ve been to 12-steps and cold turkey that I couldn’t succeed at. Workit was my last chance. Great support from medical and counselors. The meds really work. Been on them for seven months while my heath (including my brain) improves big time. I’m still working at my job (miracle) and learning to deal with life in a good way. This is not some one month program and they send you away to meetings. Look at their success rate! Just give it a chance. It’s worth it. It’s working for me, who was looking at death as my only option. Make a decision and just do it.

— Workit Member, 2019

Five gold stars, like in a rating systemWorkit help saved my life

I am forever grateful for Workit Health they have pulled me out of a very tough addiction and helped me in more ways than I can explain. I appreciate everything you guys for everything and I truly try my hardest too be the teachers pet here at Workit lol. For me that’s my way of showing I take it very serious and appreciate u guys.

— Workit Member, 2019

Nothing can top our members getting their lives, families, and jobs back! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Workit Health community. Here are some of the big highlights and celebrations Workit had in 2019:

Workit Health Highlights for Spring 2019:

In January, Workit Health announced Series A funding, led by Blue Cross Blue Shield Venture Partners.

In March, we joined industry leaders of addiction care in becoming LegitScript certified. LegitScript’s rigorous review process verified Workit’s Health’s legality, transparency, and compliance.

In April our growing team gathered at our Ann Arbor headquarters for a Summit filled with food and fun.

Workit Team proudly showing off certificates

Summer 2019: Hello, Bako!

In July, we received MAT Access Points grant funding to expand our tele-MAT buprenorphine program in California.

Expanding MAT access points is a critical step forward in California’s effort to address the opioid epidemic taking place across our great state. A critical component of our effort is building the capacity of partners like Workit Health, who have the commitment and relationships required to reach people and families in communities that are experiencing poor access to MAT substance use disorder treatment and high opioid-related mortality rates.”

— Chet P Hewitt, President & CEO of The Center at Sierra Health Foundation

Committed to expanding access to medication for opioid addiction to Central California, in August Workit Health opened our second California brick-and-mortar location in Bakersfield, California.

A photo of the Workit facility in Bakersfield, CA. Text says, "Hey, Bakersfield! We're open now. Withdrawal sucks, treatment shouldn't."

Workit Health Fall 2019 Moments: Social Innovation and New Jersey Launch

The Journal of the American Medical Association featured Workit Health’s digital buprenorphine care as solution for the opioid epidemic in September.

Also in September, Workit’s CEOs Lisa McLaughlin and Robin McIntosh were named in a list of 40 social entrepreneurs of 2019.

“The 2019 Schwab Foundation awardees represent a new ecosystem of leaders who are driving change and shifting organizations and systems towards a more just, inclusive, sustainable future.”

—François Bonnici, Head of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

In October, we proudly announced receipt of a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) contract, leveraging Workit’s solutions to solve for social determinants of health in addiction care.

With the help of a NIDA SBIR contract, a startup called WorkIt Health is making medication for OUD more accessible by providing online therapy and both buprenorphine and naltrexone via telehealth. Users in Michigan and California can now visit a physician just a single time for their buprenorphine or naltrexone prescription and thereafter receive medication management remotely via smartphone.

Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of NIDA

In October, Workit Health expanded into a third state: New Jersey. Adding to the two California locations and our Michigan flagship, New Jerseyans in need of buprenorphine for opioid addiction can now access that care digitally.

Hamilton’s Mayor, Kelly A. Yaede cuts the ribbon at Workit's New Jersey clinic.

In November we made access to our programs easier than ever with online scheduling for new members, making it possible to get help for addiction without ever having to pick up the phone.

We proudly joined the Aetna network in November, offering digital addiction care solutions to fully-insured Aetna members in Michigan and California. Members seeking medication for opioid or alcohol addiction, or just looking for online support for any type of addiction, are eligible.

“Workit Health allows us to continue to expand the digital solutions we provide to our members, which remove barriers to care and help members receive high-quality care more conveniently.”

—Cara McNulty, DPA, President, Aetna Behavioral Health

Also in November, Workit Health was named as a finalist in the BlueCross BlueShield Data Innovation Challenge, utilizing data from health claims to measure success of current interventions and improve access to real-time interventions.

Workit Health Winter 2019: Expanding Access to Medication for Alcohol Addiction

In December, we expanded our clinic program at Workit Health, which offers medication for addiction via telemedicine, to include naltrexone treatment for alcohol addiction. Those ready to moderate drinking or quit entirely can receive clinical care, online recovery groups, and coaching support via telemedicine.

It’s been a big year at Workit, but milestones wouldn’t be worth it without our members. In 2019, Workit Health members completed an average of 1,700 courses per month, our care navigators answered over 5,000 incoming requests for help from people struggling with addiction, and our team more than doubled in size (while expanding into two new locations!). Thanks to everyone who has joined us this year. And if you’re not sure you can make a change? You can—and at Workit Health, we’re ready to help.

Workit Health can help you moderate or quit.

Online, affordable, and evidence-based treatment for addiction.




Kali Lux is a consumer marketing leader with a focus on healthcare and wellness. She has over a decade of experience in building and operating metrics-driven brand, demand generation, and customer experience teams. A founding member of Workit Health’s team and a person in recovery herself, she’s passionate about fighting stigma and developing strategies that allow more people access to quality treatment at the moment they’re ready for help.

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