Tracey Helton Mitchell 

Tracey Helton Mitchell is a recovering heroin addict, activist, and author of “The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin.” After completing rehab in 1998, she dedicated her life to the care and treatment of heroin users. Tracey entered school through an ex-offenders program where she earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and Master’s of Public Administration. In addition, she is a certified addiction specialist and supervisor. She was featured in the movie Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street. She works as a freelance writer and has been featured by NPR, CNN, Vice, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times.Tracey lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

Attractive and comforting illustration of a brown-skinned woman with longdark hair holding a houseplant. This is an article about a heroin user.

This Is An Article About A Heroin User

I am, in fact, a heroin user in long term recovery from addiction. Nineteen years, 34 abscesses, and eleven arrests ago, I had my last shot of heroin. I had been using opioids for ten years, heavily for eight of those. Like many users, my journey to recovery began in handcuffs

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