Frederick Shegog

Frederick Shegog is the Founder/CEO The Message LLC, a motivational speaking organization, and is a person in recovery. He is a high honors graduate of Delaware County Community College with an Associate of Arts (AA) in Communication and Media Studies, he can be reached for services at

Birds on a peach background. Forgiveness: A key to recovery

Forgiveness: A Key to Recovery

The years of untreated mental health and substance use disorder left damage that requires forgiveness from others. Unfortunately, I made choices against my moral fiber

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A gold medal on a red background. Achieving a new level of sobriety

A New Year Equals A New Level of Recovery

Frederick Shegog learned that the goals I have set will require a certain maturity in my recovery in this upcoming year. This blog is meant to be the inspiration for anyone seeking a new level of recovery for 2021. 

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Motivational speaker Freddy Shegog smiles next to Sue, who helped him in treatment.

It’s Time to Change the Treatment System!

Frederick Shegog wrote this blog to talk about how the treatment system needs to change. As a person in long term recovery and a motivational speaker for the youth, Shegog pairs his experience and knowledge to come up with a solution.

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a stack of books with an apple on top

A Tutorial For Student Success in The COVID-19 Education Landscape

The greatest gift of knowledge and success is sharing it. People always ask me, “Freddy, how have you been able to be so successful during COVID-19 with all that you carry on your plate?” COVID-19 has enhanced not only my speaking business but my personal life as well. In the middle of a global pandemic, I have been able to thrive instead of surviving.

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One way street signs

The Poison of One-Way Thinking

LGBTQ, abortion, civil rights, and several other equality protests are currently at the doorstep of America. The fabric of these issues is the systemic poison of one-way thinking.

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