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Creators of Recovery

Workit Health has been at the forefront of innovative addiction care since 2015, serving over 20k members. But many people are still unaware online addiction recovery is an option—that’s where you come in.

We're seeking influencers and creators

We’re inviting passionate influencers, content creators, and Workit Health members to become a part of our newest initiative, Workit Health: Creators of Recovery.

Be a voice of hope, shaping the future of addiction treatment

Join the Creators of Recovery program today and start changing lives

Provide guidance

Our approach honors all recovery paths, from traditional 12-step programs to harm reduction strategies. Our programsmedication-assisted treatment (MAT) alongside treatments for co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Shatter stigma

Misconceptions about addiction often deter people from seeking help. By sharing your journey or highlighting Workit Health’s supportive and judgment-free care, you can help break down these barriers.

Make a difference

You’re not just sharing contentyou’re educating the general public, igniting change, and providing hope. 

Which Creator are you?

The Advocate​

You are passionate about harm reduction and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). You want to be part of Workit Health’s mission to educate folks that medication can be a safe and helpful part of achieving recovery.

Taking Suboxone to help with cravings is no different than taking Zoloft for depression.

The Supporter

You’re passionate about spreading awareness of recovery options, especially telehealth-based recovery programs like Workit Health. You want people to know that getting at-home treatment is a valid pathway to recovery.

People need to know that online addiction recovery is a real, legit alternative to rehab.

The Storyteller

You are in recovery yourself and you want to share your story. Whether you’re a Workit Health member or alumnus, or if Workit would have been your first choice had it been available to you at the time, you’re ready to take a minute to motivate others to seek treatment. 

I own a business, so I knew I couldn’t just up and leave for rehab.

The Health Mentor​

You are in recovery or work with folks in recovery, this is a great option to share your recovery tools: from mindfulness practices to fitness or nutritional tips for maintaining physical and mental health during recovery to book and podcast suggestions.

By strengthening your physical and spiritual well-being, you’re laying the groundwork for success.

Specs + Tech Requirements

TIP: If you feel unnatural or uncomfortable talking to your camera, try recording while you’re doing something routine, like playing with a pet, folding laundry, or sitting at a curbside pick-up.

Our founders

Workit Health was founded in 2015 by Robin McIntosh and Lisa McLaughlin, two women in long-term recovery from addiction.

Robin and Lisa had experienced America’s broken treatment system firsthand and wanted to build something better.

So they created Workit Health  — Addiction recovery that is private, easily accessible, grounded in science, and supported by judgment-free clinicians who won’t dismiss you for going off track.

All you need is an internet connection.

What sets us apart

Join us and change a life:


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