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Quit drinking with expert support from home

Non-judgmental treatment for alcohol use that’s grounded in science, with therapeutic support and human connection—entirely through your phone.

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and more!

How does online alcohol rehab work?

Find a community that feels right

The benefits of shared experience

Connect with other members, your medical provider, and our behavioral health team—all in a single follow-up visit called a Shared Medical Appointment.

Groups as unique as you

Online recovery groups available to join through the Workit Health app—join as many as you’d like.

No judgment, just support

Participate to your comfort level. Share your own story and offer experience, or just listen.

Reduce alcohol cravings with medication via telehealth

FDA-approved medications support recovery and relieve cravings. 

A modern recovery toolkit

Workit Health was founded by two women in recovery who wanted to create a better treatment experience.

By combining the latest research and technology with a personalized program, we’ve created tools to help you manage life without drugs or alcohol.

Frequently asked questions

Can naltrexone help me drink less?

Yes, for most people

Alcohol use disorder has historically been really hard to treat. In the past, the only option was 12-step programs, which can be effective but don’t work for everybody. Today, naltrexone is a medication that we can use that helps with the cravings for alcohol. It’s easy to take, and there are few side effects. It’s quite effective in helping people to avoid picking up that first drink.

Dr. Kevin Armington

Workit Physician, Board Member of Office of Alcoholism and Substance Use Services

What can I expect from the program? 

Physical, emotional, and mental support

You’ll meet with a clinician who listens. Then in Shared Medical Appointments, you’ll get support from that provider, other Workit Health members, and the behavioral health team. You’re not going to feel alone out there. We have groups you join and courses that you can do that are fun and not like being in school. It’s supportive. It’s a little something you carry in your pocket.

Shannon Brigham

Workit Physician Assistant, VP of Medical Practice, Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University PA Program

Is telemedicine an effective way to treat addiction? 


With telemedicine, you can get the treatment that you need from the comfort of your home. Not everyone can find a babysitter to get to get to a treatment center. Workit Health was one of the first innovative programs to offer telehealth even before COVID. I love being able to reach out to people who need help wherever they are.

Janessa Perrin

Head of Behavioral Health, Master's of Social Work from University of Michigan

Need more information? We can reach out to you

Convenient and affordable option for recovery! Workit gives you all of the tools you need to recover in the privacy of your home.

Workit Health Member


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