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Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs)

Connect with other members, your medical provider, and our behavioral health team—all in a single follow-up visit.


A Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) is a group appointment you attend with other Workit Health members, led by a medical provider and a behavioral health team member.

The appointment will cover how everyone’s medication is working, how your journeys are progressing, and offer additional support from Workit Health’s behavioral health team.

Merging medical care, peer connection, and recovery support into a single visit has benefits:

  • Increased recovery success rate*
  • Development of a supportive community
  • Easier access to behavioral health support (Workit Health’s behavioral health team will be there, too) and the rest of your care team

Surveyed participants of the SMA pilot program rated their experience an average of 4.5 out of 5.

* An internal analysis showed that Workit Health members who join a group session in the first two months of treatment have about three times the odds of being in care at 6 months, compared to people who don’t attend a group session.

You’ll join a video appointment via your Action Items in the Workit Health app. In the video appointment, you’ll see your provider, a member of the behavioral health team, and 4-10 other Workit Health members.

You’ll be able to discuss your recovery progress and concerns, including how medications are working, like in a 1:1 medical visit with your provider. You’ll have the added benefit of hearing the experiences of other Workit Health members on similar journeys, as well as a behavioral health team member who can provide tools and skills.

Find your Shared Medical Appointment through your Action Items in the Workit Health app.

The link will take you to a Zoom session, so you will need to have Zoom installed on your phone prior to your SMA. If you do not have Zoom installed, you will not be able to join your appointment via your smartphone. 

If you join your appointment through our website portal, you will not need to download the Zoom app.

If you have any trouble using Zoom to access your SMA, check our troubleshooting suggestions here.

Unlike Workit Health’s peer- and counselor-led recovery groups, Shared Medical Appointments include a clinical component and count as a follow-up visit with your medical provider. They also include hearing from other members about their medical treatment. You will be able to receive prescriptions, when clinically appropriate, after the appointment just as you would after a other kinds of follow-up visit with your provider.

You will still be able to attend as many other counselor-led or support groups as you’d like.

As with other groups at Workit Health, members who participate will be required to agree to Group Rules. Additionally, staff will verify the identity of each member at the beginning of the group. You will need to turn your camera on so that your identity can be verified.

Our goal is to ensure that members are able to attend SMAs at times that are convenient, ideally with the provider or providers of their choice.

Message your Admin Chat in the Workit Health app.

Medical care and recovery support, in one appointment

Workit Health is excited to offer SMAs to our members.

In this video, Workit Health CMO Dr. Justin Coffey and Community Manager Max Backer discuss SMAs and answer your questions about this new kind of medical follow-up appointment.

A different type of follow-up

This innovative type of visit offers notable benefits:


Gain a supportive network of peers on a similar recovery path, and learn from each other’s experiences


Learn more about your medications, practical skills for recovery, and the science behind your care


Enjoy greater flexibility in rescheduling appointments, as you can join an already-scheduled SMA

"Shared Medical Appointments are an excellent opportunity for members to connect and learn from one another on what can be a lonely journey."

Dr. Justin Coffey
Workit Health Chief Medical Officer

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