Workit Health Clinical Approach

Workit Care™ delivers evidence-based recovery programs that are powered by science.

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A Personal Care Plan

Workit Care™ delivers recovery courses designed specifically for you. The Workit
program learns which recovery tools work best for your recovery style and stage by blending
your feedback with feedback from your doctors, counselors, and coaches.


Backed by Experts

Our science-based program is rigorously reviewed by our team of clinical and product experts.


Alan Steremberg

Advisory Board


Chris Cowart

Advisory Board


Elizabeth Lyons,

Clinical Advisor


Eve Kurtin, PharmD

Advisory Board


Itai Danovitch, MD

Advisory Board


John Greden, MD

Clinical Advisor


Katie Witkiewitz, PhD

Advisory Board


Mike McGreal

Advisory Board


Todd Kimmel

Board Member


Tom Powell, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Alexandra Halalau, MD

Clinical Advisor


Backed by Scientific Evidence

Many studies have supported the effectiveness of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid dependence when paired with appropriate behavioral health supports. The Workit Care™ Program delivers "unique to you" paths to recovery through an online platform that matches people with on-demand, in-person and virtual medical and psychosocial support. We make addiction recovery private, affordable, and convenient.


Our technology monitors where you are on the continuum of care.

The Workit Care™ engine identifies times when escalation of care are needed. Our engine is powered by patient engagement and clinical data that automates real time triage and referral to treatment.

We treat Opioid Dependence with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) when appropriate.

Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) may help you or someone you know manage opioid dependence. It also saves lives. In one 14 year study, it was found to reduce fatal overdose deaths by 50%.

Volkow, N. D., Frieden, T. R., Hyde, P. S., & Cha, S. S. (2014). Medication-assisted therapies—tackling the opioid-overdose epidemic. New England Journal of Medicine, 370(22), 2063-2066.



Real-time monitoring through telehealth enables affordable access to long-term care that works.

Telehealth solutions allow us to treat people for a longer period of time (up to 5 years). Additionally, leveraging technology for telehealth treatment keeps our intervention flexible and our costs low.

Studies demonstrate that telehealth counseling is as effective, if not more, than in person 1:1 counseling. Out of 13 telephone-based applications in alcohol and smoking, 12 showed positive outcomes that were equivalent to conventional methods. (SOURCE) 

Person centered care begins with person centered assessments and the SBIR grant awarded to Workit Health paves the way for rigorous evaluation of novel assessment tools that aim to do exactly that.
— Itai Danovitch, President of the California Society of Addiction Medicine

Which track is right for you?


Workit Coach

Personalized treatment plan with 24/7 online program access, plus unlimited messaging with your peer support coach.

Best for:
Risky Use
Friend & Family Support

Workit Counselor

Unlimited chats with your counselor, weekly 1:1 counselor meetings, personalized treatment plan, and a dedicated Workit Care team.

Best for:
Substance Use Disorder
Friend & Family Support

Workit Clinic

Online addiction courses, recovery groups, 24/7 coach messaging, plus dedicated prescribing MD, medication management and medication (Suboxone).

Best for:
Opioid Use Disorder